Where to Find the Best Hot Chocolate Bombs in Houston

set of three hot chocolate bombs A warm, homemade cup of hot chocolate is hard to beat, and it is a holiday tradition that I have enjoyed sharing with my children. A fairly new novelty that my kiddos and I have been crushing on lately is hot chocolate bombs! Created in December 2019 by Eric Torres-Garcia, this fun alternative to traditional hot chocolate mix went viral quickly. Lots of retailers have jumped on the hot chocolate bomb bandwagon; here are our top local picks listed below:

hot chocolate bomb with smily face with rolling pin and cookie cutter Where to Find Hot Chocolate Bombs in Houston:

  1. The Sweet Boutique Bakery– Founder and owner Christine Nguyen (and former Houston Moms contributor!) carries several different flavors of hot cocoa bombs at her retail location in Sugar Land, Texas. I have personally sampled these bombs and they are, well, the bomb {c’mon, you saw that bad joke coming from a mile away}. These sell out fast, so don’t wait on them!Rows of The Sweet Boutique hot chocolate bombs
  2. Trader Joe’s Hot Cocoa Snowman– this adorable cocoa snowman is a steal at $1.99! Apparently these guys sell out quickly, so there is a limit of five snowmen per customer. Psst! Pro tip: a local Trader Joe’s store informed me that these would be released sometime in the first week of December.

    Trader Joe's hot chocolate bomb set
    Photo cred: @traderjoeslist
  3. Local chef Allison Hartley serves up seasonal cocoa bombs via her website, sweetsavorygirl.com. These are special order items and are available individually or as a boxed set.
  4. On your next weekly H-E-B run, be on the lookout for Hot Chocolate BevBombs! My local store had them in the drugstore area and there were so many different varieties to choose from. Each package comes with 4 individually wrapped bombs that can be dropped in a cup of hot milk or coffee and I heard from a friend that they are delish!
    classic chocolate BevBombs
  5. Choc 52 offers Houston area pick up and drop off for locals {Pearland based}. Their bombs are made to order and always fresh! They’re currently serving some seasonal favorites: peppermint chocolate, eggnog, gingerbread, and pumpkin spice bombs!
  6. On my latest trip to the new Costco business center in Stafford, Texas, I spied a GIANT package of Bom Bombs. This amazing set can be split into four gifts to share or it can also be 20 servings of hot chocolate hoarded all for yourself. I know the regular warehouses carried these last year, too, so keep your eyes peeled. package of BomBombs
  7. Our favorite store Target is stocking hot cocoa bombs, too! You can find this adorably packaged bomb set at select stores or pick up a kit to make a DIY version yourself.

Make Your Own Hot Chocolate Bombs

hand holding hot chocolate bomb over a cup of milkSpeaking of DIY, there are several recipes available online for those that wish to try their hand at making hot cocoa bombs at home:

  1. Sugar Geek Show’s recipe for hot cocoa bombs has a five star rating and includes a video tutorial.
  2. I Am Baker swears that her recipe is easy to follow and it also features homemade chocolate milk powder!
  3. Scrambled Chefs has done the work for us and collected thirty different homemade chocolate bomb recipes to try at home. I personally would love to try the tequila spiked Mexican hot chocolate one… purely for research purposes, of course!

‘Tis the season for hot chocolate bombs… are you a fan or not? Comment below and let us know!

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