Why a Montessori School is the Perfect Place to Build Lifelong Learners

We are excited to partner with Montessori to share this unique early education method and schools with Houston Moms!

Why a Montessori School is the Perfect Place to Build Curious, Lifelong Learners | Houston Moms BlogWhen my children were tiny babies, I began to think about what kind of educational experiences I wanted them to have. Sure, I want them to learn to read, write and do a reasonable amount of math {at least acquire the skills to figure out a restaurant tip or how much that 40% off tag will really save them.} But I want more than just the basics. I want them to truly love school. I want them to be curious, lifelong learners. I want them to learn to work with and respect all different kinds of people. And I want them to grow into leaders. That’s why the Montessori Method for early education intrigues me so much. 

What is Montessori?

The Montessori Method is a unique way to learn. It focuses on child-led activities in mixed-aged classrooms. Children learn with hands on activities and by collaborating with others. While there is curriculum and a teacher in the classroom, the teacher plays an unobtrusive role, introducing the activities and then letting them pursue their own interests.

An example of a Montessori vs traditional learning activity is teaching a child to read. In traditional learning environments, children memorize letters and blends, and then learn “sight words”. In Montessori, children explore letters using various sensory activities, such as tracing the shape of letters made of sandpaper. Then, they master different blends to build words, instead of memorizing sight words. The mastery of the language is much deeper, and leads to children reading at a higher level. 

Why Montessori?

In the Houston area, there are hundreds of options for parents looking to start their children on an early education path. I know when I first started my research, I quickly became overwhelmed with all the different preschools, daycares, and learning centers. Why then, did the Montessori Method impress me over all the rest? There’s nothing quite like Montessori for early education. And results it yields are impressive. This unique approach enables children to discover their true potential and develop an organized, engaged, and focused mind. The Montessori experience prepares them to be curious, lifelong learners, as well as good citizens, future innovators, and able leaders.

Other great features of a Montessori classroom are::

  • Mainly individual instruction
  • Children select their own experiences, at their pace
  • Mixed-age grouping
  • Children learn from each other
  • Children work as long as they want on chosen projects, enabling focus and concentration
  • The teacher guides children toward self-realization and self-correction
  • Children reinforce learning through repetition and feelings of success

Find Out More

Why a Montessori School is the Perfect Place to Build Curious, Lifelong Learners | Houston Moms BlogWhether you are nursing your first newborn or looking for a place to send your toddler or preschooler this fall, consider looking to see if your child is a fit in one of the schools in the largest network of authentic Montessori schools in the United States. In the Houston area, there are eight schools in the network, so chances are, there is one near you! Each school offers traditional, sensory-based Montessori materials, self-directed learning experiences, and teachers trained by MACTE-accredited organizations {Montessori Accreditation Council for Teacher Education} in the Primary classrooms. Start your child on the Montessori path today.

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