Why You Should Send Your Child to Camp Olympia This Summer

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We have TONS of amazing camps that we highlight each year to help Houston moms find the right place for their kiddos. We are moms too, so we totally understand how hesitant you are to send your babies away from you. In order for you to send your kiddo to camp, it has to be a pretty special camp. Today, we’re highlighting a VERY special camp that’s been recognized as one of the 50 most amazing summer camps in the U.S.:: Camp Olympia

Camp Olympia is a private, overnight summer camp on Lake Livingston in Trinity, Texas. It is a perfect setting for fun, sun, and adventure, for boys and girls ages 6-16. At Camp Olympia, you can feel safe knowing your kid is taken care of and that they are growing in mind, body, and spirit. While they are gaining independence away from us {which, let’s face it :: Mine NEED this independence} they are also gaining confidence and pride in themselves and their abilities. Camp Olympia offers one-, two-, and three-week sessions where campers get to choose from over 45 camp activities:: from water skiing to golf to horseback riding. The best part – you’re able to help your kid pick the activities that interest them before camp even begins!

The Fear of Being Unplugged

It is so important for kiddos to be unplugged at camp so they can experience the realness of camp and plug into the things that actually matter- like making real, face-to-face connections with their peers and getting in tune with nature.

While it is super important for your kids to be away from technology during camp, it can be really hard for us as parents to go without hearing from our kiddos. Camp Olympia gets it and that’s why they post daily photos for you to follow along with your kiddo’s camp experience. Also, Camp Olympia encourages writing your camper as often as you’d like and offers approved special delivery care packages to let your camper know you’re thinking about them!

Preparing for Camp

As first time campers {and camper parents?}, I’m sure you have your fair share of concerns. Camp Olympia has great resources available to help you ease your fears and communicate with your camper to prepare them. Camp Olympia’s A Day at Camp Olympia Guide is a great start to this conversation. Will they be showering in the morning or at night? What do the sleeping arrangements look like? What activities will they be able to participate in? Are there accommodations for special needs or medical concerns? Check out Camp Olympia’s Parent FAQ page to see if your question has been answered. This may even be the first time they are away from you {figuring out food, meals, showering} all on their own. Camp Olympia has prepared a Food and Nutrition Guide that is totally helpful to prepare both of you. 

Parent Testimonials

Sometimes it’s refreshing to hear from other parents about how awesome a camp is. Camp Olympia has tons of really positive parent testimonials for you to peruse ::

“We are so lucky to have found Camp O. There’s no other camp like it! It’s so wonderful to know you are sending your kids to a place that really understands kids, has their best interests at heart, and provides them with a fun and growing experience. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”
– Pamela, A Camp Olympia Parent

One of our favorite aspects about Camp Olympia is the effort that goes into picking their summer counselors. As a mom, I want to know that my child is not only safe, but under the best care possible. Camp Olympia’s thorough hiring process and counselor guidelines help put my mind at ease. If you’re a little hesitant on sending your kiddo to camp for two to three weeks, Spark Week might be the best option for you. This “preview of camp” is one week long and first-time campers ages 6-9 can attend!

Momma, they will build lasting relationships, build confidence, learn new skills, and they will probably come back more appreciative and gracious for all you do for them, especially if you send them to Camp Olympia, one of the coolest camps in Texas!


Connect with Camp Olympia…

723 Olympia Drive, Trinity, TX 775862
{936} 594-2541

Website |  Facebook | Instagram |  Twitter

 Learn more at their Open House March 23rd, 10am-4pm!

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