Working Mom Affirmations

It usually happens around 7:30 in the morning, just as I’m jumping up on the interstate to assume my position in the inevitable parking lot that is the Houston morning commute. I saw the frantic Facebook post the night before from the freshly-minted mom heading back to work in the morning. She’s filled with anxiety and fear, and before her stands the heartwrenching task of dropping their 12-week bundle of all things amazing off at the daycare for the very first time in the morning. I knew it was coming, and I have my stump speech ready. My armor is thick, shined up, and ready for battle on these days.

“It will get easier. I promise.” These words always seem to come out first, even when I don’t intend them to. The babbles and the tears continue as I rattle off all the positives I have stored away in my secret “Working Mom Club” bag. These pearls of wisdom passed down to me have helped build my own strength and assurance. They are ones that I can count on most days to keep myself confident , afloat, and on course. Is it your turn to give the speech? Or you just need some extra shine to power through?

Working Mom Affirmations :: Rinse and repeat, friends!

1} I am teaching my children where hard work and dedication can take you.

I was given an incredible example of hardworking and dedicated parents, and the unspoken lessons were not lost on me. Actions speaking louder than words shone through in everything that they did, and in turn, everything they earned. I want my children to have the same example; I want them to see how fulfilling achievement in the workplace can really be! Your child will follow your example, not your advice.

2} The quality of love and affection I demonstrate for my family is second to none.

I’ve got to go with quality over quantity for survival purposes here! The amount of love poured out on my family isn’t less because my children’s first steps were taken at daycare, or I missed a performance at school. Being a working mother gives me incredible strength, and through this I am able to love stronger, deeper, and with a clear heart and mind.

3} I am in the right place, doing the right thing, at the right time.

This is what I chose, this is where I am going, and this choice was made for me and my family regardless of the circumstances that led me here. I will not compare myself to others’ choices, and the choices of others will not make me question that I am doing what is best for my family. I know there are plenty of working mothers that wish they were at home, but for personal reasons, heading back to work is the best possible choice for their family. These choices are also flexible in nature. The right place and right time might change as priorities shift.

Now go stand in the mirror and give yourself a pat on the back as you walk out the door, or call up a fellow working mom on your commute and remind her how amazing she is!

Working Mom Affirmations | Houston Moms Blog

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Sarah, a New Orleans native, transplanted to Houston after Hurricane Katrina and has never looked back. Mom to big sister Maggie {Aug 2011} who keeps her on her toes, the most adorable little brother Jack {Nov 2013}, and one final addition arriving in August 2016! Sarah is constantly striving to have it all as she juggles working on the managerial and operational end of the healthcare industry, planning adventurous weekends to explore all Houston has to offer with her husband and kids, and keeping up with friends and family. You can follow along with Sarah’s daily life on Instagram at @sarahschnure.


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