Working Mom Must Haves

Before I became a mom, I kept a minimal number of personal items in my desk. I probably had some extra makeup for touchups in my purse, but that’s where it began and ended. Since I’m now a working mom – and a pregnant mom at that – this has seriously changed. So I’m sharing the top personal items I keep handy at work…


Beat the Heat

My high school health teacher told us that women don’t sweat, we glisten. Well, I’m pregnant…approximately twelve months pregnant. {Or at least that’s how it feels in this Texas heat.} So I’ve already found myself glistening a lot, and it hasn’t even gotten that hot yet by Texas standards.  No working woman wants to show up to a meeting sweating glistening. So it’s important to have plenty of items to beat the heat.

  • Travel size deodorant – Duh. If I need to explain this one, you’re probably not from around here.
  • Powder makeup – No one wants to look like a hot mess. Keep it under control.
  • Huge refillable water bottle – Whether you’re pregnant, nursing, or neither, it’s important to stay hydrated.

Tame the Hangry Beast

Hunger + Pregnant + Hormonal = Hanger

There’s a similar formula involving toddlers and hanger, but this isn’t about them. This is about us. No one likes trying to quiet a growling stomach when trying to conduct an important negotiation at work.  If you follow me on Twitter, you’ve probably seen some hormonal tweets involving Poptarts recently. But I usually keep some Nutri-grain or granola bars in my desk drawer as a healthy alternative to the vending machine junk food. I’ve added more options lately to keep up with my growing appetite, such as fresh fruit or veggies in the fridge and some 100 calorie snacks to hold me over between meals.

New Mom Needs

If you’re a new mom, I hope your office supplies some good coffee — or there’s at least a Starbucks nearby. But there are a few items I’d recommend keeping handy {either in your office or your car} if you’re pumping:

  • Extra pump parts – Remember that time you were engorged, forgot bottles for your pump, had to clock out and run to the nearest pharmacy? Yeah, I’ve been there too. This time around I plan to keep a stash of extra supplies in my car to help prevent those emergencies.
  • A change of clothes – Remember that other time when you spilled the freshly pumped bottle of breastmilk on yourself at work? Oh, that was just me?
  • Nursing pads – We’ve all been there. You’re running a little late for a pump break and, well, spring a leak.  These can definitely help prevent an awkward situation in the office.

I know this sounds like a lot of miscellaneous items to keep in the office, but I’ve found it makes life a lot easier.  And for me, this doesn’t even take up a whole desk drawer, so I’m left with plenty of space for my work files and office supplies.

Your turn! What are some items you find help your life as a working mom?


  1. Really good, reliable child care.
    A nice, big planner. (I’m old fashioned and still write everything down.)
    A big, fashionable handbag. (You never know what you will need to carry around)
    Bluetooth in your car. (So you can make phone calls on your commute and your lunch break)
    A menu plan. (So there is no thinking involved when it is time to cook a meal)


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