You Know You’re a Two Mom Family When…

You Know You’re a Two Mom Family When…IMG_6024

…you stock up on onesies that say “Love Makes a Family.”

…your bookshelf is filled with titles like “Mommy, Mama, & Me.”

…you’ve given much thought to how you’ll tell your kiddos how they came to be.

..there are so many tampons in your house you should have stock in Playtex.

…you dread the day your child comes home crying because someone picked on him for having two moms.

…Mother’s Day is more important than Christmas in your home.

…when Father’s Day comes around, you send gifts to your child’s godfather, uncles, grandfathers, and great grandfathers.

…you and your partner argue who will be called “mommy” and who will be “momma.” And even though you won the title of “mommy,” you often slip up.

…but often times one of them refers to herself as “momma” even though she’s mommy and everyone is confused about who is who.

…your little one’s first word was “dada.”

…you and your partner look at each other in confusion when your toddler calls for “dada.”

…you scribble out “father” on forms and write in “mother” at the doctor’s office, dentist, daycare, etc. These forms frustrate you.

…you have a rainbow sticker or equal sign on your car.

…Home Depot is a frequent family field trip. Power tools are a family favorite.

…you drive a Subaru, Jeep, or some sort of sporty SUV.

…you have so many shoes you should be DSW.

…you’ll never have to tell your kiddo he/she was an accident.

…you go out to celebrate when another state passes same-sex marriage.

…you worry about the implications of “religious freedom” legislation will have on your family.

…you look forward to June every year to celebrate LGBT Pride with your family and go to the parade.

…you Google “gay friendly XXXX” whenever looking for things relating to your family.

…you have to remind people that families come in all shapes and sizes.

Our families are diverse. We are femme, butch, queer, and trans. We are young parents and we are folks that have become parents later in life. We’ve given birth, we’ve fostered, and we’ve adopted. Or we haven’t done any of that. We are married, we are domestically partnered, we are civilly-unioned, and we are committed. We are monogamous, and we are polyamorous. We are dating, we are single, and we are divorced. We live under one roof, we live in different homes, and we live in different towns and states. We work hard to make ends meet and we are financially comfortable. We have our GED and we have a PhD. We are multiracial, transracial, and interracial. We are Christians, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindu, agnostics, and atheists. We are able-bodied and we are differently-abled. We are citizens, we are immigrants, and we are undocumented.

Two mom families come in all sorts of shapes, colors, and configurations. There are things that set us apart from other families, but the thing that makes us all the same is the love and commitment we share for our children.

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Thanks to Stacy Todd Photography for these awesome photos of our family.

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Erica is a New England native who moved to Houston with her family in June 2014. She and her wife Christina live in Pearland with their daughter Quinn {Dec 2013}, dog Charley, and two cats Phoebe and Oliver. Erica is an Assistant Professor at the University of Houston where she teaches classes on strategic communication and social media. When Erica isn’t busy teaching, researching, or being a mom, she enjoys getting her yoga on, creating culinary delights, scoring deals shopping online, and exploring Texas with her girls.



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