You Know You’re a Working Mom When…

There are many types of working moms… The kind that go back because they just love to work.  The ones that just need to get out of the house for adult interaction.  The ones that would rather stay home, but need to earn in income to support their family.  No matter which kind you are, we all face the challenge of balancing a professional life and being a mommy.  Sometimes the two blend seamlessly.  However, most of the time it’s a struggle to please both bosses – the one that signs your paycheck and the ones that are in diapers.

With this in mind, I’ve compiled a list of ways you know you’re a working mom.

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You Know You’re a Working Mom When…

…you exhausted all of your Paid Time Off when that awful stomach bug hit last month.

…while sitting in a meeting, you realize you have spit up in your hair.

…when the nanny texts asking if you sent a binky, you realize you’d stuffed it in your bra before running out the door…and it’s still there.

…you’re lucky when you have to go to work on a weekend, but the boss lets you bring the kids along.

…lunch breaks are spent running errands and going to the grocery store.

…you bring a change of clothes since you’re still nursing and worry you may *ahem* spring a leak.

…you carry more bags to work than you have arms – purse, pump, lunch kit, laptop bag…should we keep going?

…you stress over that sick time and have to negotiate with your spouse who has to take off *this time* with a sick kid.

…you cringe every time the daycare’s phone number pops up on your screen.

…you come home after work and learn you’d had a sticker on your back/butt all day.

…you blow your cell phone’s battery and data watching the live feed of your baby at daycare.

…you have to burn a vacation day to go to doctors’ appointments.

…when you spend all night awake with a teething baby, then get dressed, grab coffee, and go to the office.

…when you’ve considered whether you can pump and take a quick nap at the same time.

…when the nanny asks you to cut down on your caffeine because the baby is hyper from the breastmilk you pumped.

…when you go to the bathroom often at work, because you can go uninterrupted.

…a whole week’s worth of chores are crammed into the weekend.

…when you cry after dropping your baby at daycare, then are excited to listen to something other than the Frozen soundtrack on repeat.

…your day is divided into three segments:

– your J.O.B.

– full on mommy time

– packing lunches and backpacks to prep for the next day

…you’ve pumped on your morning commute.

…you’ve spilled breastmilk all over those reports you’ve been stressing over all week.

…you can rattle off both Tylenol dosage amounts and the latest work data all in one breath.

…your children wake up and automatically go through the morning routine to get out the door — even on the weekends!

…you’ve pumped in closets, break rooms, and in the back seat of your car when necessary.

…you’ve had a coworker walk in while you’re pumping.

…after a long night up with the baby, you make it to work without a key piece of clothing.

…you take your cell phone with you to every meeting, in case anyone might even hint they’d like to see pictures of your kids.

…while riding in the car with your boss, you’ve accidentally pointed out the “choo choo train.”

…when you hear there’s a sick kid in your child’s class, you start making arrangements to be out of work later in the week…because you KNOW your kid will catch the bug next.

What’s one way YOU know you’re a working mom?  Chime in!


  1. You get looks from people that are full of both admiration and pity

    Your house runs like a train schedule during the week–with a drill sergeant announcing the times

    You buy gadgets like Roomba and Clocky for the remote chance that they might make life just a little easier

    Your social time consists of one soccer game a week

    You are a multitasking maven.


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