You Know You’re Pregnant When…

Like most things in life, pregnancy comes with its ups and downs. It is an amazing miracle and each baby brought into this world is truly a gift from God. That being said, the 40 weeks until the baby makes their debut can be quite the experience for not only the mom-to-be, but also for her friends and family. So if you’ve been there before or you’re there now, read along and then tell us what items you would add to the list.

You Know You're Pregnant - Featured

First Trimester ::

…you have to potty every 10 minutes {and for some the tell-tale sign is waking up in the middle of the night to potty}

…it feels like a million tiny acupuncture needles are stabbing your boobies

…you can suddenly smell EVERYTHING as if it were right underneath your nose

…you know that morning sickness should really be called day and night sickness

…crackers and ginger ale have become your new snack and beverage of choice

…your current status is #zombiestatus every day, all day

…you’re retaining water like it’s your job {#bloated}

…you’re beginning to get the “did she just eat too much lunch or is she pregnant” stare

…you’re reading anything and everything about pregnancy and parenting

…you’ve been selected as everyone’s designated driver for the duration of your pregnancy

…one minute you’re laughing and the next you’re crying

Second Trimester ::

…you stare at the calendar wondering if that rumored second trimester burst of energy is ever going to happen for you

…NOTHING FITS, really though, your non-maternity options have been stretched to the limits and most maternity options don’t fit well either just yet

…you’re starting to feel those sweet kicks and hiccups from your little one

…you’ve been asked at least once if you’re sure there’s only one in there

…you go to the store to get one thing, come home with 10 things, none of which were the one thing you went for

…missing alcohol is an understatement

…you consider ordering one of everything off the menu and after you do, you give the obligatory, “it’s for the baby,” or “I’m eating for two,” response

…you dread the weigh-in at your monthly appointment

…you text your husband screenshots of food with no instructions – just expectations

…after you climb a set of stairs, you’re out of breath for at least 5 minutes

…your memory is comparable to that of a gnat

…the hunger and cravings are real, and food commercials are your husband’s worst enemy because they usually cause him to make an unplanned trip to the store or fast food restaurant right when he was settling in for the night

Third Trimester ::

…NOTHING FITS…but this time really, nothing fits

…the kicks, punches, and hiccups are becoming a little less sweet and a lot more like an action film taking place in your belly

…sleep is a distant memory

…sneezing comes with the added bonus of wetting your underpants

…turning sideways no longer helps you fit through that tight space like it used to

…you might as well be wearing a blindfold when trying to groom your lady parts

…you’ve considered buying stock in Tums

…when something falls on the floor, it stops existing until someone else can pick it up

…there is no such thing as a comfortable position, not while sleeping, standing, or sitting – you’re just always uncomfortable

…the ladies room is your second home

…everyone wants to comment on your belly and your upcoming arrival…EVERYONE

…back pain, oh the back pain!

…the urge to clean, organize, and purchase every possible thing for the baby is making you feel ready and prepared while also driving everyone else around you absolutely crazy {needless to say, nesting is no joke}

So there you have it, if you’re experiencing any of the symptoms above – you might be pregnant, a woman, a man experiencing sympathy pains, or someone who’s been there, done that…and lived to tell your story. Either way, like I said before, pregnancy is a beautiful thing, but it’s also quite the experience.  So give us your best, You Know You’re Pregnant When… in the comments below, and let’s all enjoy a laugh or two!

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