4+ Reasons Why I Love My New Gadget from Zippo {Yes, Zippo!}

As a native Houstonian, the three months of winter we have is a killer for me. I’m so used to the heat and humidity that when the weather gets below 60 degrees, the cold makes my bones and muscles and nerves ache. My husband and I are both incredibly sensitive to cold for medical reasons; Aaron has Raynauds, and I’m on a medical quest to find out if I have nerve issues that make my extremities feel cold and painful at all times. So the the cold hurts. As soon as the first cold front comes in, I crank up the heat, put on two layers of sweats, bust out the space heater, and even use my blow dryer to warm myself when need be.

We spend some dollars on disposable heating pads and hand warmers to pile into our pockets during the cold months. Aaron’s a golfer and those blistery days when he’s out on the course can kill his hands, and he finds himself recuperating for an entire day. {!!!} I’m an avid photographer, and on days when it’s cold, I have to put my camera down and stay inside with a heater on to keep my limbs nimble and pain-free. It’s ridiculous.

I’m not even thirty, and I’m talking about my medical issues like my grandmother does. Aye aye aye.

When our partners at Zippo asked if we wanted to try out their new hand warmers, I gave a hearty “Yes, please!!”


1}  Using them is really simple. I was nervous because fire is involved in lighting them, and I have an abnormal fear of fire. But Dude. It’s so simple and seems very safe. You simply take the cap off the hand warmer. Fill the plastic measuring cup with lighter fluid and pour it into the hand warmer. Then the fire comes in, and you light the catalytic pad and put the lid back on. There’s no flame involved once the pad is lit. Which made this Fire Marshall Bill feel a lot better.


2}  When in use you just pop it into your pocket and grab on for toasty goodness. Zippo recommends you put it in the fabric bag they provide so you don’t have to grab the metal, but I found that I prefer holding on to it without the bag. It wasn’t hot to the touch, just toasty, but I have a high tolerance for heat. Just make sure you keep the warmer facing up because if it tips over — the lighter fluid could leak out.


3}  The amount of heat this puppy puts out is fantastic. It was a consistent temperature the entire time I was using it which was about 4 hours straight. Then, when I was done, I set it aside and checked it every hour or so, and it stayed the same temperature for the amount of time they promised. That well exceeds the 2 hours that disposable heating pad’s promise.


4} My favorite thing about these Zippo hand warmers is that they are reusable. We no longer have to spend money on disposable hand warmers. We simply stock up on their special lighter fluid and refill the warmer before every use. So Aaron can play golf or be outside during the cold months without worrying about being caught without a source of warmth. Because if he’s outside in the cold for too long, it could have bad medical effects on his joints.


{BONUS} Want a bonus use for these hand warmers? Our biggest investment in reusable heating pads is for during my lady time for on-the-go relief. You know how that is, ladies. You want to enjoy your outing with your girlfriends instead of being hunched over from lady pain. It might not be appropriate use, but I popped these into the waistband of my jeans, and it was instant heat relief from cramps. I’m a DIY kind of gal, so it worked for me.

Want one of these hand warmers for yourself? Check out Zippo’s dedicated hand warmer website and use the code “GETHEATED” for $5 off one for yourself. Or a friend. Or for your golfing husband. Of for your time of the month…whatever! They do what they say and that’s what counts!

And don’t forget to check out Zippo Outdoor on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook for more great uses and tips!

Please Note :: While this is a sponsored post, all thoughts and opinions about Zippo’s new hand warmers are proudly our own!

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