3 Reasons Why We Love My Utilities

Moving soon?  Wanting to save money? If so, this is a must read for you all.

Whether you are moving, have a friend moving, or might move in the future, we can all acknowledge that moving, in any capacity, is not an easy task.

With kids screaming and boxes everywhere, you try to look up the electric provider for your new home while stuffing last winter’s sweater into an overflowing box and  …  you run out of tape.  After sitting on hold for 9 minutes, you decide the tape trumps the electricity at that moment.

Just as the cable company finally picks up your call, after waiting on hold for 46 minutes, your little one yells down the hall for help washing her hands — you already packed the stepping stool, and she can’t reach the sink.

Fast forward, you finish packing the moving truck! You load everybody into the car and make the haul to your new home with the whole gang intact! You finally walk into your new home and … the lights don’t turn on!

Oops, you never finished those calls.

Moving is HARD. Setting up utilities is the worst of all: a complete hassle. A call to the cable company, a call to the electricity provider, and don’t forget the internet company or that water bill!  Heck, deciding which electricity provider to go with in Texas is a huge task in and of itself.

Let me introduce you to the hottest news on the block, our sponsors at My Utilities. My Utilities takes every hassle out of moving and sets up all your utilities for you, for free.

3 Reasons Why We Love My Utilities | Houston Moms Blog

Sounds too good to be true, right? Since we’re friends and we love you guys, we’ll break it down for you — here’s why we love My Utilities.

It’s F R E E.

There are no hidden fees;  it is a completely free service.

It’s E A S Y.

You let them know you are moving here. They do their research and reach back out to you to explain your options.  The best part … they’ll set up whatever utilities you want with whatever company you choose. They’ll arrange for all the services to be connected.

It saves M O N E Y.

Their goal is not only to find the utility providers in your area, but they are also committed to helping you, the consumer, find the best deals. They research all the providers in your area, find you the best deals, and then arrange for all your services to be connected. You don’t have to do any of it! I’m serious. It’s so simple.

Not moving any time soon but want to make sure you’re getting the best deal on your utilities?

If you fall into that category {which should be all of us}, then My Utilities can help you hash through all the various plans out there to help ensure you’re getting the best deal. Just contact them on their website.

unnamed (2)About Connie H.

Connie Harlan recently moved to Texas from a tiny mountain town in Colorado. Her husband is from New Orleans and some how they met in that tiny mountain town of 2,000 people. She recently moved to Texas to be with her Bae and to spread great news of My Utilities! She doesn’t consider herself an official “Texan” yet, but she definitely is a fan of the people and is working on getting bigger hair.  Connie writes for My Utilities’ blog and offers numerous moving tips on their website.

Please Note :: While this may be a sponsored post, we are so thankful Connie is here to spread the word about My Utilities and the time and money it can save busy mamas like us.


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