5 Occasions to Splurge on Professional Hair & Makeup

We all witnessed Princess Kate walk out of the hospital {in heels} just hours after giving birth looking like perfection.  I heard a lot of women trying to make themselves feel better by making excuses as to why she looked so stunning.  Well, I’d look much better if I had a team of artists and stylists getting me ready!

We might not be princess Kate and need – or can afford – a team everyday, but there are certain occasions when us commoners should splurge on a little professional help.  However, as moms, getting to the beauty salon to make that happen isn’t always the easiest venture.  Problem solved!  Our newest sponsor Blownaway is a professional makeup and hair service that will come to you.  Let me repeat myself.  They come to YOU, bringing everything needed to make you stunning in the comforts {or chaos} of your own home.  This is a game changer, friends.  Newborn photos coming up?  You can’t exactly leave your house and newborn to go get beautified, but let me tell you that you will want it {especially if you are post cesarean section…lifting a blow-dryer just isn’t appealing}.  A big event next month?  It’s such a drag {and so expensive} to hire a babysitter to come two hours before you need her just so you can go to the beauty salon.

With Blownaway, you can either book your services online or through their app {available on Android or iPhone}.  Easy peasy.  Nothing else needed or required.  They bring the tools and makeup and are very professional and experienced.  I recently used them and had the best time getting both my hair and makeup done for a wedding in the comforts of my own kitchen while my two year old napped {and I watched Southern Charm on Bravo!}.

And now — 5 occasions when YOU should definitely splurge on professional hair and make-up styling too…

1} Professional Photos

This is the best reason to hire a professional make-up artist and get a blow-out.  It’s important to still look like yourself, but you want to feel confident and look like your best self since these pictures will last for-e-ver.  This includes pictures for holiday cards, newborn photos, a maternity shoot, or just the simple annual family shots.  Trust me, it’s worth taking the time and the extra money on a little professional help – you can tell the difference!

A husband, wife and dog posing for the camera.

2} A Wedding or Special Event

People love going to weddings because it gives them an excuse to get dressed up – plus, there will be lots of professional pictures taken {see reason #1 above}.  This is why I don’t hesitate to get my hair blown-out or have professional make-up applied for the occasion.  I’ve never regretted my decision to do this and neither will you.  Other great excuses include holiday parties, awards dinners, a special mom’s night out, or galas.

A woman getting her hair styled at home.

3} Date Night

Okay, so it may be excessive to get hair and makeup done for every little date you go on {unless date night is only an annual event!}, but for special date nights this is a great way to go the extra mile for your partner or just make yourself feel a little more sexy and a little less mom.  Anniversary dinners or just a special night on the town would justify a call to the professionals.

A woman with styled hair and makeup sitting in a car and taking a selfie.

4} Your Baby Shower or Other Pregnancy Pick-Me-Ups

You are swollen, tired, hot, and huge.  And you are the guest of honor at your baby shower where everyone will be looking at you and taking lots and lots of pictures.  Professional hair and makeup?  Heck yes!

A pregnant woman posing for the camera.

5} Your Birthday

Your one special day.  The day you were born.  A reminder of the fact that you are another year older.  I can’t think of a better reason to feel extra special!

Convinced?  Check out Blownaway and book an appointment for your next occasion. With your first booking, you can get $25 off with the promo code HMB15.  Yes, please!

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