5 Tips for Taking a Baby to Disney World

I had been dying to take my daughter to Disney World for as long as I can remember. I made some wonderful memories at Disney World growing up and wanted her to have the same. We finally booked our trip when she was four years old … but then found out I was pregnant. When we learned I was due a month before our trip, we decided to push the date back so she and the baby would be a little older. We recently returned home from our trip with a five year old and 14 month old, and everyone enjoyed it!

I honestly doubted the baby would enjoy any of it; he certainly won’t remember the trip. But, he really enjoyed many of the parades, character interactions, and even some rides! All it took was just a little extra research. These are my top five tips for taking a baby to Disney World…

Baby Centers

Disney World Baby Centers are probably the most underrated feature for babies.  The centers include CLEAN high chairs, changing tables, and play areas.  They even have baby supplies for purchase if you run out of something important like diapers. But the best feature, in my opinion?  The nursing rooms. I can’t tell you how nice it was to sit in a comfortable recliner and nurse my baby to sleep after running around Disney World all day. {My legs definitely appreciated the break too!} There’s a Baby Center located in each of the parks, so be sure to check your map for the location.

Rider Switch

You’ll be surprised to see how many rides a baby can actually enjoy at Disney World. My little guy rode everything from Peter Pan’s Flight to Dumbo to Buzz Lightyear. But for the rides that are a little too wild for babies, the Rider Switch feature is amazing. When you get to the front of the ride with your spouse and the baby, and ask for a Rider Switch. My husband rode once with my daughter. Then, when they were done, we’d swap kids so I could get a turn to ride with her too.  {Tip :: The Rider Switch is good for up to three people!}


Even bigger kids can benefit from a stroller at Disney World! There’s simply too much walking for their little legs, so it goes without saying that a baby will need a stroller. But if you’re a baby wearing mama, pack that Ergo too. It comes in handy when you’re waiting in line.  My little one slept in the Ergo while we waited in lines — and even on a few rides! Just remember, you’ll have to fold your stroller when riding Disney buses. And don’t forget to pack a rain cover!

Pack Snacks

This tip is helpful for kids of all ages. Disney allows you to bring your own food into the park, so pack all of the Cheerios, applesauce pouches, and snacks you need! I put a Ziplock bag of snacks in my backpack and served them out as needed.  This way if you’re running a little late for dinner and end up with a hangry little one, you’re covered.  

Disney Moms Panel

Have a burning question before your Disney trip? Check out the Disney Moms Panel. Odds are, your question has already been asked, and you’ll find an answer with just a quick search.  But if not, you can submit your question and a knowledgeable Disney mom will answer you! They cover topics from whether a particular hotel provides a travel crib {they do!} to the best restaurants to visit with little ones.

Have you traveled to Disney World with a baby? Share YOUR best tips with us!


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