50 Easy Steps to Dinner Time with Kids

Y’all. Dinner Time with kiddos is no joke. I have to be honest :: I  don’t really recall the early years anymore {my twins are 5}, but whether you are in the trenches of infants, toddlers, or children, I think we can all relate to “the struggle” that is dinner time. I had GREAT eaters early on and then they fell off the wagon. Now, my goal first and foremost is to get actual nutrients down their throats. But it isn’t always easy. Not even close. And by the time we have dinner on the table, most likely I will not get to eat. Or if I do, it’s microwaved 18 times and no longer resembles the original meal. #momlife #BOOOOOO

Thus, your guide to 50 Easy Steps to Dinner Time. Best wishes to your family from mine!

  1. Meal plan like a boss; include Pinterest and random links on Facebook.
  2. Procure materials for “toddler-friendly” meals pinned in Step 1.
  3. Get stuck in the express lane right behind the coupon champ of H-town.
  4. Have toddlers help unpack groceries. They are good mules.
  5. Accidentally hand the boy the bag with the bottle of wine.
  6. Clean up the carnage of said bottle of wine in your driveway.
  7. Thank God that you bought two. Preparation is half the battle.
  8. Toss kids a few crackers because apparently they are dying of starvation.
  9. Attempt to get them upstairs to grab their PJs so dinner will be sometime before 8pm.
  10. Break up a fight. It’s most definitely wine ‘o clock.
  11. Remind them of the weather and that short PJs can’t hang in 35 degree temps. Send them back upstairs.
  12. Throw your chicken in the pan.
  13. Pray it doesn’t burn.
  14. Begin chopping vegetables that you know they won’t eat. {But at least there’s proof you tried.}
  15. Start the dang rice because you know they will eat that.
  16. Realize that you forgot to buy milk.
  17. Plan for how to explain this milk shortage to five year olds.
  18. Pour another glass of wine.
  19. Hubby is home! Throw the kids to him.
  20. Pour him a glass of wine.
  21. Just kidding. He needs to get his own.
  22. Send kids and hubby to the bath.
  23. Give status reports every 2.5 seconds on how dinner is coming.
  24. Darn it. The rice.
  25. Crap. The chicken.
  26. Redo.
  27. Ahhhh, perfect chicken.
  28. Ahhhh, perfect rice.
  29. Ahhhh, perfect veggies that they won’t eat.
  30. Where the heck are they???
  31. “What do you mean you still have soap in your hair?”
  32. Set the table with toddler-friendly Frozen plates.
  33. Child A flops on the floor because dinner is not “sketti.”
  34. Pour another glass of vino.
  35. Pour water into the “special” cups . Jake and Minnie are joining us for dinner. Again.
  36. Cut the now-overcooked chicken, and place on plates.
  37. Accidentally put ranch dressing on child B’s plate.
  38. Rinse plate to avoid the drama.
  39. Re-plate.
  40. Take deep breaths while re-plating Child A’s plate. No Olaf plate. Only the Planes dinnerware will do.
  41. Have kiddos fight about who will say the prayer. Totally see the irony in the situation.
  42. Jump up half a dozen times to refill water cups, grab utensils off the floor, get napkins, and wipe up spills.
  43. Reheat my own plate. The Pinterest chicken now resembles shoe leather.
  44. “I don’t want to be in snack zone all day.” Meaning they have no intention to finish dinner.
  45. “But I wanttteedddddd…..” heard all around the table.
  46. “No, just no.” I made it, and you will eat it or go to bed.
  47. They choose bed.
  48. I choose another glass.
  49. Spend 15 minutes wiping down stools, floors, and…the wall?!? How did food THAT THEY DIDN’T EAT get over there?
  50. Clean dishes, high-five the hubby, and consider it a partial win? Mainly because you’re drunk.

Soooo, how do you “do dinner?” Tips and tricks appreciated!

50 Easy Steps to Dinner Time with Kids | Houston Moms Blog

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