A Baby Registry for the Minimalist Mommy

A Baby Registry for the Minimalist MommyBeing pregnant with my first child brought on a lot of “firsts” for me :: my first bout with morning sickness {ewww, no thank you}, the first time I ever wore pants that wouldn’t button by using the nifty hair-tie trick {trust me, Google it}, and my first experience in the world of baby registries {Oh, Lord}.

I started a little Pinterest board for myself as soon as I found out we were expecting, and began saving those blogs and articles telling you all the things you need. I registered at Target, and Buy Buy Baby, and Amazon, and Babylist. I think I took more than two carloads back to my house after my baby showers. Then, through the course of the year, I realized we just had so much stuff. And we didn’t need half of it.

All of this backstory leads me to this one profound statement that I wish someone had told me before I dove headfirst into all of the registry madness :: you will be happier with much less than you think. And I’d bet Marie Kondo would back me up on that.

So allow me to share with you most of the basic needs to include on your registry, assuming you already have the crib, carseat, & stroller…

Top Twelve Registry Needs for the Minimalist Mommy ::


I realize that it is a personal choice whether or not to give your newborn a pacifier. However, my children’s pediatrician is pro-pacifier and–having experienced life before and after–so am I. In my opinion, the pacifier {if they’ll take one} will help avoid the thumb-sucking habit, and help calm your screaming baby like nothing else–except a boob, honestly. Pro Tip :: register for several different brands. 

This one item ended up being so versatile for us. We didn’t transfer our daughter to her crib until she was 4 months old, and all the while she’d been sleeping next to our bed in a little bouncer. It kept her elevated, it had a sleep sounds element, it had gentle vibration, it was super convenient for late night/early morning feedings, and it was also portable so she could hang out/nap in it throughout the day. Pro Tip :: find one in a neutral color that goes well with your decor–you’ll be seeing it a lot. 

You won’t need this until your baby is about 4 months and older, but when they’re ready, it will provide them with hours of entertainment, mental and physical exercise, and you might get a moment or two to do something for yourself… like, drink your coffee while it’s hot, even!? Yes, even that. Of course, this is based off of parenting one child–I’ll update in a few months when I hit this point with my two. Pro Tip :: DO NOT get a jumper that is on wheels that is intended for them to walk around in. Keeping the children stationary and entertained is the goal. 

You’ll probably get a ton of traditional swaddles, along with the several that you will take home from the hospital. But the ones that are the most convenient and prevent those little escape artists from working their way out of your intricate wrapping work are the zip-up swaddles. Some of them are pricey, and some are very nominal. In my experience, both are fantastic. Pro Tip:: Amazon sells them in 3-packs for $22! 

In the early weeks and months, when I was much more cautious about germs in public places, I chose to wear my baby girl just about everywhere. At the grocery store, to church, perusing the endlessly inspiring aisles of Target, and even around the house when she was being fussy. I recommend the Baby K’tan for those trips out on the town because it is super easy to throw on and go! Pro Tip :: If you choose to go with the K’tan, make sure you are able to try one on–I found they ran a bit small. 

Using the above stated combo {with a car adapter for the plug}, I was able to discretely pump during my commute to and from work while driving! Also, when I wasn’t driving, I was able to set my phone timer and take a little nap while I pumped… the glory! Pro Tip #1 :: Before you add one to your registry, be sure to check with your insurance company as most of them will provide you with a free one! Pro tip #2 :: If you choose to spring for Freemies, make sure they are compatible with your type of pump. 

You will be carrying this thing around everywhere. You will also likely begin to just throw in the essentials from your purse so you don’t have to carry two things. I got a little clutch to hold my wallet/keys/etc. that I could easily throw in and take out when needed. So make sure that A) it is cute, B) it’s comfortable {seriously, go for the backpack y’all}, and C) it’s functional. Do some research and get something you’ll love like your favorite purse. Pro Tip :: Leather wipes clean pretty amazingly. Just saying. 



Now, I know that some people swear by certain brands of bottles, but we were lucky enough to have a little one who didn’t have any big problems when it came to bottle feeding {now, nursing on the other hand… Lord, have mercy! But that’s a story for another time}. Pro Tip :: my favorite bottles–mostly because they were easy to clean and didn’t leak–were Philips Avent. But, again, this is a personal choice that will require you to do some research of your own.

5 Costco Must Haves to Help You Survive the Holiday Season | Houston Moms BlogA COSTCO MEMBERSHIP
Disclaimer :: I realize the irony of including shopping in bulk in a minimalism post, but there are some things in life that just make sense…saving money is one of them. I am a Costco evangelist. If you have a kid, even just one, and don’t have a Costco membership… well, just get one. We buy {and LOVE} their brand of diapers & wipes and bought their brand formula {actually recommended by our pediatrician}, and just those three things alone probably saved us a couple hundred dollars that first year. Pro Tip :: The Costco brand paper towels, toilet paper, dishwasher pods, containers of all different kinds of soup, the absolutely gigantic $4.99 rotisserie chickens… y’all, I could go on for a while. 

Full disclosure :: we live in a 1,500 square foot house. However, we are still all about having a monitor in the baby’s and toddler’s rooms. We chose a basic audio monitor simply because, knowing us, we would be completely glued to a video monitor if we had one. But there are so many good ones on the market {I’ve heard great things about the Owlet Smart Sock, although your baby will eventually grow out of it}, so just do your research and choose one that is right for your family. Pro Tip :: If you are white noise users in the baby’s room–you’ll get it piped in your room for free! 

Turning on a little white noise was like sprinkling magic sleeping dust on my baby. We used a little clip-on portable machine that cost us ten bucks for while she slept in the bouncer next to our bed, but then we were gifted an actual white noise machine for her room and we still use it every night 2 years later. Pro Tip :: If you have something else you’d rather register for, there are plenty of apps you can download to your phone or iPad to leave in the baby room–and that can double as a nightlight {Ie. Sleep Baby Sleep}! 

For a season, we used this thing every. single. day. And when we flew to California for family vacation, it flew with us {for no extra fee, I might add}. It was a safe place for our baby to hang out while we did things like cook dinner, or take a shower. Some friends I know even skipped buying a crib and just used this instead. That way, when it was time to transition the room, it folded right up into a neat little package! Pro Tip :: Register for one that includes something else you might need, like a changing pad or bassinet. Ours included our bouncer + a changing pad!

Honorable Mentions ::


Boppy Pillow – we had one and it was used on a daily basis for the first few months.
Playmat they offer some solid entertainment and mental stimulation.
Gift cards – obviously, their use is infinite and you can save it up for when you realize you need something you don’t have.
Nursing cover – my crafty mother in law sewed me one for less than $10, and I got to choose the fabric.

At your showers, you’re going to receive tons of clothes, toys, books, and diapers because–let’s face it–a lot of people do not stick to the registry. In reality, there are a lot of “cool things” that seem really helpful, but for me the most helpful thing is a cleaner, less cramped house. 

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