A Busy Mom’s Weight Loss Journey {Part 1}

When a question popped among our Houston Moms Blog contributor team about someone interested in losing weight and getting healthy, I quickly raised my hand and volunteered myself for the three month commitment.  After all, I have a small body frame and every extra pound shows on me.  So imagine, if you will, how much 40 extra pounds must show!  I was ready for a change, and this opportunity to try out our sponsors at Medifast was the perfect way to help me get there!

Weight Loss Journey - Featured

My initial visit to the Medifast center was great. {They’ve been in business since 1980, so they definitely have the weight loss program down pat!} I immediately felt at ease, and I loved that we were all on the same team. The visit began with a brief conversation about how I came to this point. Do I overeat? Am I a stress eater? Is exercise a regular part of my life? The basics of life were discussed so that the best plan could be selected on my behalf.

After that came the dreaded weigh in. I cracked the scale at 175. I’m so embarrassed to write that, but I want to be honest about my progress. I did love that my counselor made sure that I understood that weight loss and health aren’t always measured in pounds. Some weeks, I might lose inches and not pounds — and that’s also success! At that point, all of the data was plugged in {weight, muscle and water percentages, etc.}, and it was decided that my ideal weight is 135 which is the exact number I suspected going in. So from there, we made a plan!

medifast-1Medifast has several different programs. There are specialized plans for seniors, new moms, vegetarians, teens, diabetics, and even people who have had bariatric surgery. For me, we settled on the 5 & 1 Plan. It’s the most popular and the best fit for my busy life.

With the 5 & 1 Plan, I eat 5 Medifast meals every day and 1 Lean & Green meal. I’m so thankful that the 5 Medifast meals vary, so I can choose what works for me and what fits my lifestyle. They include everything from shakes and smoothies, to chili, to mashed potatoes! I love their bars and crackers, but all of the food that I have tried is really good and doesn’t taste like “diet food.” Generally, the meals are all around the 100 calorie range, and I eat them every 2-3 hours – so I can honestly say that I’ve not been hungry.

With the Lean & Green meal, I’m on my own. I eat 5-7 ounces of lean protein and 3 servings of vegetables. It is A LOT of food. Many nights, I have a hard time finishing it all. Especially now that my stomach has found it’s true size again and isn’t stretched out from constant over-eating.


Has it been easy? Actually, it has.  Although I will admit the first 3-4 days were rough. I missed drinking Coke and the taste of a sausage biscuit from McDonald’s. But that’s a lot of what got me in this shape to start with! I also despise water, but I’ve suffered through it and now I can drink 64 ounces in no time.

Have I seen results? Well, I’m down 10 pounds in about 2.5 weeks. HOORAY!!! The fact that I’ve not been hungry has made it easier to stick to the program and not cheat. I’ve committed to see it through for 90 days. I know it’s going to fly by, and I’ll come out better than ever. Medifast definitely has my recommendation, and I’m well on my way on this weight loss journey!

Want to join me on my journey?
Check out Medifast and all of the options they have for YOU!

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Please Note :: While this may be a sponsored post, the journey, the experience, and the RESULTS are all my own!

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