Shhh… My New Healthy Secret! {+alternaVites Giveaway}

I’ve told you guys before, but my 5 year old is a seriously picky eater. {Remember the Lunch Share Party?} She basically lives on chicken, cereal, crackers, jelly sandwiches, and sometimes fruit. Maybe carrots. See what I mean? With a diet like that, I am always worrying if she is getting the vitamins and nutrients she really needs. A few years ago we tried the gummy vitamins, but some of those have seriously high sugar content. Not to mention, it’s basically candy!

alternaVites pic ClaireSo when our sponsor alternaVites offered to send me some of their children’s products, I jumped all over the opportunity.  Basically, it’s as simple as powder vitamins you pour directly in your mouth! Think…a healthy pixie stick. I was a little worried about my daughter actually liking and eating it. {She manages to pick the “seeds” out of strawberries. Yes – seriously!} But our first try was success! She LOVED the Strawberry Bubble Gum flavor and can’t wait to try the Raspberry Cotton Candy flavor too!  And with 17 essential vitamins and minerals and no artificial sweeteners, colors, flavors, or preservatives, I feel good about giving them to her too. Just look at that smile…

alternaVites smoothieIf you’d like, you can also mix the alternaVites into yogurts, smoothies, or sprinkle them on top of fruit. I love that they have recipes right on their website, with my favorite being the chocolate banana smoothie.  {I also added a cup of spinach to pack even more of a punch!} My 5 year old will drink smoothies…but sometimes puts her nose up to it if it’s green from spinach. However, she loved this one. I think the added sweetness of the vitamins is what won her over.

I know this won’t replace a nice, healthy meal – but at least with this vitamin option I can have a nutritional backup if she goes on a goldfish only food strike. I also like that they come in little individual packets – so if we are traveling, I can throw a few in a bag and not worry about packing an entire bottle.  So easy and so convenient.  Perfect for us busy moms!

Do you have a picky eater?  Or are you just trying to find ways to ensure your kiddos are the healthiest they can be?  Be sure to check out alternaVite’s store locator for retailers near you.  {Hint :: They are taking Houston by storm and can be found all over our great city!}  And because who doesn’t love saving money?  Here’s a coupon just for you!

Thanks to alternaVites one lucky mom will get to try out these great products with their little ones too!  Enter below for your chance to win a gift bag filled with one month’s supply of alternaVites Kids!


Winner :: Portia S.


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