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I’m beyond happy and proud to share my hubby, Chris, with y’all. Chris is my favorite person on the planet. A crazy incredible daddy {and we have two very girly girls}. He fights for our marriage to be more than status quo. He works hard for our family. He serves in our church and is always looking for ways for our lives to mean something. He is a ninja with Excel spreadsheets and could be Dave Ramsey Jr. He sings loud in the shower and dances all the time. He is the smartest person I know and can dominate any sport. But my very favorite thing about Chris…he is real. Genuine through and through. It doesn’t get more authentic than my man. I’m so very grateful for that. I hope you enjoy his insight into parenting; I’ve learned so much from him. 


As I watched my bride walk down the aisle I thought I knew what I was doing. I knew life wouldn’t be perfect, and I knew there would be difficult days. But I was in the middle of a dream world that I had created in my head long before she ever came into view.

another kiss

Holding my daughters in the hospital brought back that familiar feeling of confidence, fear and excitement rolled into one. Finally, I get to live out what I always imagined growing up.

daddy and chris

I had a family of my own.

Now I find myself in a race against time to soak up and pour out everything I can with them.

dates with karis


But if I’m being honest, I’m not as confident as I once was.

Marriage requires consistent intentional commitment in and of itself let alone our girls’ yearning to be loved deeply. The stay-at-home full time Mom in my house is pouring her life out quite literally most days and thrives when she’s supported well.


Then there’s that job that provides every bit of monetary support that our family lives on. Almost forgot about that one.

So I’ve been asking,“How can we breathe life into everything we do?”

To be alive requires the act of regularly taking in breath and releasing it in the same rhythmic motion.

That’s what our families need.

Short, sustainable bursts of energy that consistently communicate,“I love you. You are valued. I choose us.”


Take the big family vacations, but realize the 10 minute moments that happen when you arrive home from work will be the memories that last longer.


Date your wife extravagantly, but know that a post-it note with 5 words of encouragement you put up one day lost its color for a reason. It was needed more than you realized.

photo (64)

You know the new car you just bought so you can finally fit all of your things AND kids into it at the same time? It’s the conversations and laughter that will happen in that car that will survive the test of time.


That job you’re finding so much satisfaction in? It will provide far more in the form of life lessons for your kids and their kids if you choose to share what others taught you in your career. It’s not the money that will impact, it’s the relationships that will.


So as we strive to realize the dream of being a part of a family, know that time will be the foundation of the stories you share with the next generation. Choose life in small increments and watch the lasting impact your choices can have.

Like a pebble dropped into still water, you’ll have the rippling effects of influence penetrating every branch of your family tree.


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Becky grew up in Houston, leaving only for college and an internship, but the humidity called her back! And it's a good thing - because shortly after moving home, she met her husband Chris, St. Louis Cardinals fanatic and {wife proclaimed} genius. She stays home with their two (soon-to-be three) girls: Karis, a girly girl and tenacious toddler, and Moriah, smiliest baby alive & Texas Women’s Hospital 10,000th baby in 2012. When she's not in the middle of a tea party, play dates, or potty training, she writes devotions with Sacred Holidays, teaches at prisons and women's ministry events and is a certified MBTI Life Coach {with Orbiting Normal}. She loves hot Houston summers, coffee creamer, dance parties with her family, nail polish, iced tea, reading {although it’s a lot of picture books these days}, and their church family {Bayou City Fellowship}! She would love to connect with you on her personal blog {} or through Twitter {@beckykiser}, Pinterest {@beckyjkiser}, and Facebook.



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