Bump Diaries :: Month 5 & 6

Bump DiariesWelcome to Bump Diaries – a pregnancy series on Houston Moms Blog! Becky is expecting, and here she will share her journey – the good AND the ugly – with all of you.  It is sort of like an homage to the original mommy blog where we provide a little peek into the life of a {pregnant} mom.

I remember with my first baby that I had three pregnancy books on my nightstand. Pretty sure this was before apps even existed or I owned an iPhone, so I actually read books made of paper {wink}. I was obsessed with knowing and tracking every single detail. I probably snapped a belly pic every other day. I’m pretty sure the pictures below are the only belly pics I have of this pregnancy. I noticed every single detail the first go around and this time, well, it’s flying by!

Before we knew it we were finally at that appoint. You know THE appointment you wait your whole pregnancy for—is it a girl or is it a boy????!!!!!!!

Since this is our third and {pretty sure} our last kiddo, we had many friends encourage us to be surprised this time around. And I actually considered it…for about half a second.

I LOVE it when my friends are surprised! I think it is so fun to guess all along and then wait for that big announcement the day of!

I am an odd mix in that I REALLY love surprises, but I also REALLY love planning. So when it comes to finding out the gender at 18-20 weeks or not, I have always felt like it is such a fun surprise then. I get there is an extra fun excitement for those that wait to know at delivery, and I’m not lessening that at all. I’m sure it makes it even more exciting to find it all out. However, let me assure you who are on the fence about it with your first baby, there is PLENTY of exciting things at your delivery that knowing if it is a boy or a girl will in no way lessen the joy of the moment.

With each pregnancy and each day I’m a mom, I become more confident in this :: each family is different and each family should make their decisions based purely off of what sounds best for you, not what was best for others.

What did you decided to do…
Be surprised at delivery or find out be surprised at 18 weeks?

So what did we find out? Would we finally bring some blue into our very pink world? Or would we seriously out number Daddy? Well…

gender ultrasound pic

Here I am at 5 months along ::

5 month side

Month 5 symptoms::

  • Exhaustion {guessing there won’t be a second trimester boost this time}
  • Nausea persists, but less puking {about once a week now}
  • Cravings – Mexican and salads {especially ones with a crispy crunch like red cabbage, green apples, and apple cider vinegar}
  • Haven’t felt kicks yet {my placenta is in the front, so doc says I should feel them any day now}
  • Bathroom trips are less frequent
  • SO thirsty! Anyone else can’t get enough water when pregnant? Usually I like room temp water, but I crave ice cold water constantly when pregnant.

Here  I am at 6 months along ::

6 month side bump

Month 6 symptoms ::

  • Mild nausea first half of the day and NO MORE puking!!!!!!!!!!
  • I have an appetite again! {thanks to previous symptom, or lack there of}
  • Waking up 1 – 2 times per night to go potty
  • A slight energy boost/wave {nothing like first baby second trimester}
  • Pregnancy snoring {I snore SO bad when I’m pregnant, anyone else?}
  • LOTS of kicking! {Chris has even gotten to feel her a few times}

Y’all, next time I post an update I’ll be in the my THIRD trimester! How in the world are we already here??!!! I guess it’s time to get that nursery set up, and thankfully, I don’t have to buy much – just need to unpack those sweet little clothes and wash them! Next month should have some sweet pics that make you saw “Awwwwwwwwww!!!!!”

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Becky grew up in Houston, leaving only for college and an internship, but the humidity called her back! And it's a good thing - because shortly after moving home, she met her husband Chris, St. Louis Cardinals fanatic and {wife proclaimed} genius. She stays home with their two (soon-to-be three) girls: Karis, a girly girl and tenacious toddler, and Moriah, smiliest baby alive & Texas Women’s Hospital 10,000th baby in 2012. When she's not in the middle of a tea party, play dates, or potty training, she writes devotions with Sacred Holidays, teaches at prisons and women's ministry events and is a certified MBTI Life Coach {with Orbiting Normal}. She loves hot Houston summers, coffee creamer, dance parties with her family, nail polish, iced tea, reading {although it’s a lot of picture books these days}, and their church family {Bayou City Fellowship}! She would love to connect with you on her personal blog {www.beckykiser.com} or through Twitter {@beckykiser}, Pinterest {@beckyjkiser}, and Facebook.


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