Celebrate National Margarita Day with These Tested Recipes


Celebrate National Margarita Day with These Tested Recipes | Houston Moms Blog2019 National Margarita Day was thoughtfully planned by the margarita-gods to be on a Friday. Prep yourself and wow your fellow mom-migas for Friday, February 22nd with margarita recipes taste-tested by local Houston moms! 

Welcome to Tequila

It wasn’t until one of our friends began creating and bottling flavored tequilas that my husband and I developed our tequila & margarita taste buds. Tequila taste-testing, recipe concocting, and perfecting our margarita recipe so much so that we came up with a new Houston-based version.

Casa 239 Margarita

This recipe was created on the fly when some local friends showed up on bicycles to a dinner party with a bottle of Tequila…and a bottle of Mezcal. We picked Satsumas fresh off the tree in our front yard and grabbed one of the few jalapeños we were able to produce from this year’s garden.

Ingredients ::

  • 1-2 Satsuma oranges, depending on how juicy
  • 1 jalapeño – thinly sliced*
  • 1 lime – cut into wedges
  • 1 shot of your favorite tequila*
  • 7-8 cubes of ice

Using a peeler, swipe 1-2 peels off an orange. Preferably peeling around the orange, creating a spiral shape. After peeling, cut your oranges in half for juicing. In a bartender’s cup squeeze your Satsuma juice over 3-4 ice cubes. Pour in the shot of your favorite tequila. And depending on your level of tolerance for spice add 1-2 slices of fresh jalapeño into the mixing cup. Now, shake that mixer like you mean it! Plop those remaining cubes of ice into your most fabulous margarita glass and pour the mixture over the ice. Squeeze 1-2 lime wedges into taste, add an orange peel for garnish, and voila! Welcome to Casa 239!

*Bartender’s Secrets ::

  1. For those with a more delicate taste for spiciness, I recommend floating the jalapeño slices as a garnish on top of the drink rather than shaking those spicy oils into the mix.
  2. Create a taste testing with both the tequila and Mezcal. Our group favored the Mezcal for its smokiness – upside, guests can pick whatever floats their lime!
  3. If you want extra fanciness, strain the mixture from the ice. Pouring mixture into a wine or whiskey glass over what we like to call a “Man” cube {a nick-name we gave an extra-large ice cube we were introduced to while learning to make Manhattans in Manhattan}. Available for purchase here.


Let no taste bud be left behind! Houston Mom Contributor Kathryn shared her favorite margarita recipe with me because you know – sharing is caring.

Ingredients :: 

  • 2 tablespoons frozen lime juice
  • 1 shot of tequila
  • 2 ounces of beer*
  • 2 ounces of 7-Up*
  • 1 cherry
  • 1 lime – cut into wedges

In a beer mug, add two tablespoons of frozen lime juice. Add one shot of your favorite tequila and mix. Add 3-4 ice cubes. Pour in two ounces of beer then top with two ounces of 7 Up. Stir. Add the cherry and lime as a garnish. 

*Bartender’s Secrets ::

  1. Place your beer mugs in the freezer the night before.
  2. 7Up is a MUST– we discovered the hard way {of course} that Sprite will not taste the same.
  3. Beer recommendations – Corona, Dos XX, & Abita {a highly-recommended New Orleans based brewery}

Want extra flair?

I recommend checking out Arne’s Warehouse or Pier 1 for on-budget, spectacular margarita glasses that will rev up the fiesta mood.

And if you happen to miss 2019’s national holiday for margaritas you always have Cinco De Mayo & Houston’s Margarita Festival to look forward to!

Do you have a tasty recipe? Did you hit the jack-pot on cute glasses? Have you discovered the best margarita in Houston? Share it with us – comment or tag us with your favorite hacks, swag, and locations!

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