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Hello, and welcome to The Cold Coffee Club, a podcast brought to you by Houston Moms! We’re here to give you a little bit of that mom-to-mom connection, fun, and conversation amidst all the chaos! Join us as we take a break from doing all the things and explore the wide spectrum of this crazy motherhood role! We’ll interview fun guests, talk about cool grown-up topics, laugh, share and grow together! So go ahead and reheat that coffee every Tuesday morning!

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The Cold Coffee Club is back!

Let us reintroduce ourselves. Join Houston Moms’ co-hosts, Project Coordinator, Ashley Black, and Jenny Isaminger, our Social Media Director, as they dig into all things motherhood!

This week, we embrace 2022 while we “spill the tea”, share our “House Blends”, our favorite Houston Moms posts and what cool places around town are the “cream and sugar” in our lives these days!

“Cream & Sugar” Recommendations:

Delicious Colombian- Latin Fusion Restaurant in Katy—Kricos House on Kingsland near Katy Mills Mall

Gamer family fun! Stop by Cidercade Houston for “All you can play” video games for $10!

“House Blend”:

Houston Moms contributor, Dani Boss, wrote an incredibly useful post about how critical it is to donate blood. 

Check out this “lovely” post about romance novels by our sweet contributor, Kim Reed. 

Thanks for joining us for another cup of cold coffee!

This week, we dig into great ways to commemorate and celebrate Black History Month in Houston. We share some of our favorite restaurants to grab some grub, historical sites to check out and performances you need to see!

Black History Month Must-Knows: 

Check out the Instagram account, @houstonblackownedbusinesses -So many incredible Black-owned businesses are spotlighted on their IG page!

The Houston Museum of African American Culture offers a great experience to learn more about Black culture outside of just slavery.

Buffalo Soldiers National Museum is open for you to visit and learn more about African Americans who served in the US military. The museum even offers virtual tours! 

Visit Emancipation Park, a beautiful outdoor space full of history as it commemorates Emancipation Day (Juneteenth)!

The Breakfast Klub is an amazing jazzy brunch spot that is a Houston icon and mainstay!

The Ensemble Theatre is the oldest and largest professional Black Theater in the Southwest. They perform Black stories by Black playwrights!

Be sure to check out Houston Moms’ Monthly Guide for the month of February to find events that are centralized on Black History Month!

“Cream & Sugar” Recommendations:

Jenny recommends checking out Brazos Bend State Park for a fun family adventure just outside of Houston. Her son says the day they visited was the best day of his life!

Ashley visited Lost and Found for her birthday! This black-owned business has delicious food, a fun jungle themed vibe and hookah!

“House Blend” Favorite Posts:

Our Summer Camp Guide will be live soon to help you start planning and registering your kiddos for all the fun camps and activities. Be on the lookout!

On this episode of The Cold Coffee Club, we’re talking all about Houston libraries today! 

Did you know you can have your local libraries curate personalized sets of books to fit your needs? Have you checked out all the events hosted by Houston libraries through each month? Have you ever used the fun learning tools available for you at libraries all around the metro area?

In this episode, we give some extra love to Houston libraries during this beautiful February, National Library Lovers Month. 

Make sure to visit a Houston library before the month is up, and enjoy the books, tools, events and services available to you!

Harris County Public Libraries:

Fort Bend County Libraries:

Galveston County Public Libraries:

“Cream & Sugar” Recommendations:

Go get some frustration out and toss some axes around at Houston Axe Throwing! You will have a blast, but it’s definitely harder than it looks!

Craving a delicious empanada? Head to Katy and visit Marini’s Empanada House for an amazing variety of sweet and savory empanadas! And if pies is your jam, right next door is Proud Pie! Two ways to enjoy delicious, local treats!

“House Blend” Favorite Posts:

Did Jenny say pie?! Indeed, yes did! And she suggests you go check out our comprehensive list of the best pie dives in Houston! Go get you some pie, girl!

Ashley’s favorite post is one that all of us stay-at-home mamas truly need… and it’s written by the one and only, Jenny! Read her words of encouragement and love to the moms of little ones who are home in the chaos!

In this fourth episode of the Cold Coffee Club, we delve into a story that has many mamas talking. It started as a simple Reddit post and has morphed into quite a discussion.
A sitter called the police on a mother who was due to return to her children and was hours late. No call, no response, nothing. Apparently, she’d had a habit of being late to return, and the sitter was fed up.
Here’s the original post, and here are some perspectives from Houston Moms contributors, Tiffany and Ugochi.
Join us as we chat about how we felt about the sitter’s actions, the mother’s choices and who really suffers from it all.
It’s RODEO TIME, Houston!
Join us as we learn some of the ins and outs of the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo for Houston Moms Co-Owner, Meagan Clahanan.
She’ll share some insider tips and must-sees to make your rodeo experience one to remember!
And don’t forget Houston Moms’ in-depth Guide to the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, made for newbies and first timers and veterans who want to make the most of the 90th anniversary of this incredible event!
We’re so excited that Crawfish Season is finally here!
Ashley and Jenny share how to go about eating crawfish and where you can find some of the best “mudbugs” in town!
Don’t miss out the All-You-Can-Eat crawfish events Tad’s Louisiana Cooking will be hosting this year LA Crawfish has an awesome selection of flavors to season your crawfish. Bluewater Seafood was a favorite of Ashley’s years ago, but based on online reviews, it’s still a favorite to many! If you’re in the mood for delicious flavors and great prices, check out Crafty Crab. Whatever you do, try the “Boom” seasoning!!!
“Cream & Sugar” Recommendations:
Jenny visited Rosalie for an impromptu date night with her husband and she says the Fried Risotto is delish!
“House Blend” Favorite Posts:
We love Joi so dang much, and everything she writes is pure gold! Check out her potty training post… for adults! Because if you’ve ever visited a public bathroom, you know that we are not all properly training.
Rashimi’s sweet and sentimental post about lessons she’s learned from her dog will remind you that pups are way too good for us and this world. They are truly a gift.
Jenny and Ashley dig into their favorite shows: Hit, current shows and “oldies on repeat” shows!
Ashley is loving: 
On Netflix– Love is Blind, The Tinder Swindler
On Hulu– Abbott Elementary, Tulsa Burning (also on the History Channel)
On Peacock– The Courtship, Joe vs Carole
Jenny is loving:
On Netflix- Inventing Anna
Amazon Prime TV– The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel 
Jenny and Ashley’s Comfort Shows, to break up episodes of heavier shows, are The Office (Peacock), New Girl (Netflix) and Impractical Jokers (TruTV)!
“Cream and Sugar” Recommendations:
Ashley can’t wait to take her sorority sisters to The Artz to try out Aerial exercises! 
Jenny gives a shout out to Bowl & Barrel! We are so thankful that they were able to accommodate our Houston Moms team with incredible food and an amazing bowling experience!
“House Blend” Favorite Posts:
Looking for something new to do? Looking for a group of awesome having fun? Looking to explore some incredible trails around the Houston- area?
Join us as we chat with Houston Moms Contributor, Chris Sizemore, about the Houston Women’s Hiking Group!
Check them out online, venture into new, scenic areas and take a hike!
“Cream & Sugar” Recommendations: 
Kick off the colorful Spring season with flair. Jenny is so pumped for Via Colori Chalk Art Festival in Houston! Head over to the stunning display of creativity!
The Houston humidity is real! Ashley’s naturally oily T-zone depends on Milk of Magnesia as the perfect primer for her skin! Try it! You’ll love it!
“House Blend” Favorite Posts:
Our incredible editor, Elizabeth, let us all into her world in a very real, honest way. Her post, Can We Talk About Disabled Children and Puberty?, truly sheds light on what it means to raise a growing, maturing child with a disability. 
Part of motherhood is finding the best ways to help your children manage, deal and overcome hard things. It can seem overwhelming and, sometimes, impossible to help your children bob and weave through difficulty and stress. 
We sat down with Mary Engle, LPC, a child counselor who focuses on play therapy in an adorable house in Katy, to learn about how validating your children and their feelings can be an incredible first step toward building coping little people. 
She recommended a few books to The Cold Coffee Club that could be useful and are definitely worth checking out: The Power of Validation, The Whole Brain Child, The Unwritten Rules of Friendship, and Beyond Behaviors.
And one powerful word of advice from Mary as we all work hard at raising our kiddos: Evaluate how your own upbringing is influencing your parenting style.
Join us to learn more for this brilliantly loving counselor about how to lovingly mother our children!
What an eventful couple of weeks we had with the Oscars and Grammys!
Yes, yes, we know… Will Smith & Chris Rock. Ok, yeah, everything that needs to be said about all that has been said! Moving on…
Join Jenny and Ashley as they discuss the fashion of the Oscars and Must- See movies, along with their favorite Grammy’s highlights!

The Cold Coffee Club gets to chat with Chita Craft, meteorologist from Houston’s KHOU11 news team! She shares how she manages to maintain an incredible career serving the Houston area while raising two beautiful children with her husband, Lane. Some true wisdom and advice from such a lovely, talented mama!

“Cream & Sugar” Recommendations:

Jenny is so appreciative to Next Level Urgent Care! Next Level has been clutch for her and her family lately. So easy to get the care patients need with a quick and simple process and patient care. She strongly recommends their app to get the health care you need.

Ashley is reading Lot: Stories, written by Bryan Washington, a Houston-native who has written a collection of short stories about H-Town and its diverse community, that centers around a boy’s coming of age in our city.

“House Blend” Favorite Posts:

We are all about the guides! Houston Moms is always helping you find ways to fill your calendars with incredible, family- friendly experiences and adventures for all ages. Don’t miss out on these need to know resources: Houston Happenings in April, Ultimate Camp Guide & Bluebonnets Sightings!

Wordle has swept the nation by storm! And we are STILL loving it!
We’re chatting about our Wordle strategies, what time of day we keep sacred to become completely immersed in the game, and what Wordle-like games we also enjoy!
STEAM, REACH, POINT, HEART and IRRATE are some of the our favorite starter words. 
What do you do? What are your GO-TO starter words? Play with your morning coffee or your late-night glass of wine?
Be sure to check out:
“Cream and Sugar” Recommendations:
The Fort Bend Museum is great for a field trip with the kiddos or a day-trip for grown-ups, like Jenny, who love all things historical in Texas!
Looking for a day at the beach without actually going TO the Beach? Lago Mar is a beautiful, man-made lagoon, filled with crystal blue water and awesome water activities to try!
“House Blend” Favorite Posts:
Fun for the Whole Family in Clear Lake and Bay Area Houston by Sean Watson – This is a great resource for exploring Houston during these beautiful weather months!
Crap! It’s Time for Colonoscopy by Christy G is an awesome inside look (pun intended!) of what to expect when getting a colonoscopy. Many of us overlook the need for screening like this, mainly out of fear! But this post really helps put Houston Moms’ minds at ease.
Jenny got to talk about motherhood, parenting through the phases, and how deciding that a family with one child can be a great fit with New York Times Best-Selling author, podcaster and Houston-native, Melanie Shankle!
The ladies even reminisce about the old-school Facebook status days!
Check out a few of Melanie’s books:
And so many more here!
Be sure to check out her blog and her podcast as well! Word to the wise– Melanie’s all-inclusive College Dorm Move In List is perfect for any mama sending kiddos off to college in the fall!
“Cream & Sugar” Recommendation:
The boys are back in town! We’re so excited for baseball season! Go enjoy the Houston Astros and the Sugarland Space Cowboys this year!
“House Blend” Favorite Posts:
Not sure how to keep the kids busy this summer? Don’t stress… We’ve got the ULTIMATE VBS Guide ready for you! Check it out and load the days with fun, excitement and lots of memories!
May is Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month!
This episode focuses on the history of this month and where you can go to recognize AAPI culture and heritage.
Houston Public Media has shared tons of incredibly beautiful and educational programming that will help us all commemorate AAPI month.
Visit Houston Asiatown (colloquially known as Chinatown), learn more with Asian Heritage Tours and have a spiritual experience at the Teo Chew Buddhist Temple.
Asia Society Texas Center will be hosting events throughout the month that will showcase Asian American and Pacific Islander artists and writers.
The Islamic religion is quite prevalent in Asia countries, so an educational experience at the Islamic Da’wah Center will allow you to explore the history and principles of Islam.
Check out the post, How to Celebrate AAPI Heritage Month With Your Family, for amazing ways to celebrate this month.
“Cream & Sugar” Recommendations:
One more place to check out and visit local businesses, especially during AAPI month, is Katy Asiantown! And Houston Moms has the perfect guide to lead you to a great experience!
Postino in the Heights is a great place to grab a quick bite and create your own signature cheeseboard! So many delicious choices to taste and enjoy!
“House Blend” Favorite Posts:
Who doesn’t love the environment of a bookstore?! The feel of the pages, the smell of stacks and stacks of books, the sounds of the spines bending. All of it! Becca S. writes about amazing independent bookstores in Houston that will make you want to head out RIGHT NOW and visit them!
Being as prepared as you can for the uncertain moments is a key in our busy city! Check out Becca Vidrine’s post about preparedness!
Oh, and we missed something in our episode about WORDLE!!!! There is a version of the game based on the show, The Office, called DUNDERDLE!!! We love it and if you’re a fan of the show, you will love it too!!
Let’s talk about… THE TALK!
How have you had or will you have chats surrounding “the birds and the bees?” Ashley and Jenny dig into their approaches, what they think is appropriate for their kids and how they’ve gone about discussing bodies, babies and blossoming into adulthood.
Ashley did share one book that made some discussion a bit easier while she was pregnant and her boys had a ton of questions… The Baby Tree by Sophie Blackall was an incredibly light-hearted and candid exploration of where babies come with the perfect combination of the myths and the facts!
“Cream & Sugar” Recommendations:
We loved visiting Original Chop Shop at its Kirby Dr. location for an incredible, healthy meal! We appreciate them hosting us for lunch, and we promise they will treat you amazingly as well!

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