Cozy Clothes and Comfort Food:: My Plans for the Last Weeks of 2020

We are thrilled to partner with Pioneer to encourage Houston moms to cook comfort food for their families using one of their delicious gravy mixes.

Ya’ll, we’re in the home stretch. The end is so near I can almost taste it. In what can only be described as a dumpster fire year, I have one goal as we wrap up 2020:: comfort. Whenever I have a choice about what to wear, how to spend my free time, or what to eat, I’m aiming for cozy, feel good, warm and delicious. I want the rest of this year to feel like being wrapped in a warm blanket while someone braids my hair and feeds me food that reminds me of home.

Comfort Clothes

Let’s be honest, I’m not going nearly anywhere this month, so I’m not interested in your fashionable boots, tight jeans, or form-fitting…anything. If it has an elastic band or has “plush”, “buttery soft”, “super stretch” or some other such marketing term in the Amazon description, come to mama. This year has been hard. And a hard year does not lend itself to hard pants…or buttons, or any footwear with a heel of any kind. Pajamas in the carpool line? Check. Fuzzy slippers and a sherpa blanket wrapped around me all afternoon on a chilly Sunday? Perfection. Contemplating never owning another pair of jeans again? I’ll allow it.

Comfort Leisure

There is a time and place for intellectual, high minded pursuits, but the last few weeks of 2020 is not it.  Please miss me with your Oscar-worthy films and literary fiction this month. Give me Hallmark movies where the guy always gets the girl, and trashy romance novels that I can binge in a single afternoon. I want to turn off the news, listen to Christmas carols, wrap presents and play mindless games on my phone. Comfort reads, listens and views are what I’m all about right now. 

Comfort Food 

Give me all the comfort food that reminds me of my mom and childhood and feeling safe at home. From now until the ball drops at midnight and rings in the new year, I want to eat biscuits and white gravy for breakfast and chicken fried steak and mashed potatoes swimming in brown gravy for dinner. Because almost every meal gets better when you add rich and flavorful gravy. 

Gravy is the epitome of comfort food, am I right? I know, that all sounds magical and delicious, you say, but who has time to make homemade gravy in a month crammed with holiday shopping, end of school programs, and the usual stressed-out, busy mom to-do lists? You do. Really, you do. 

Pioneer has a variety of gravy mixes made with quality ingredients that are easy to prepare in just three steps. And really, even the busiest among us has time for three steps! You can add Pioneer gravy to almost any meal to turn your chicken, pork, roast, biscuits, and potatoes into warm cozy comfort food. Pioneer also has many delicious, kid-approved recipes that use their gravy mixes- I will definitely be relying on these to feed my family this month. Our favorite is definitely the country gravy- topped on chicken fried steak and mashed potatoes and eaten on a cold evening- yum!

Pioneer products have been served at kitchen tables to Presidential dining rooms since 1851. Inside every bag, box and package is a long and proud Texas family heritage, manufacturing expertise, a devotion to quality and superior taste. You can find Pioneer gravy mixes wherever you shop for groceries. 

Moms, at the end of this really difficult year, give yourself a break and focus on your comfort. Put aside that to-do list, cuddle up on the couch with a blanket and book, and plan a delicious comfort food dinner complete with warm savory gravy from Pioneer.

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