5 Creative Ways to Use Your Trampoline

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If you would have asked me six months ago whether or not my kids would be getting a trampoline this holiday season, my emphatic answer would have been “NO!”  Not only was my backyard too small for yet another intrusive toy, but trampolines were also notoriously unsafe.  A trampoline in my backyard?  No way, no how, not going to happen.

That is until I was invited to the grand opening event for Springfree Trampoline‘s new La Centerra storefront.  Ya’ll.  These aren’t the trampolines we grew up with in the 80’s.  There are NO springs, NO cheap foam pads, the frame is hidden, and the unique enclosure prevents falls and/or run-ins with steel poles.  The trampolines come in several different shapes {square, round, oval} and sizes {jumbo, large, medium} for an easy fit into any backyard.  AND, the trampolines are ridiculously fun and a great way to burn calories.

So I started thinking…  Well, a trampoline IS topping the wish list for both of my kiddos this year.  And, I guess we could SQUEEZE one of the smaller models into our backyard.  Plus, I’m REALLY kind of wanting a trampoline for myself now.  {I’m sure you know where this is going.}

We’ve had our trampoline a few short weeks now, and boy, am I loving my somewhat hasty decision.  Literally, when my kids get home from school now they walk straight through the house and into the backyard.  No grazing for snacks, no whining about instantaneous boredom, and no mention of screen time.  Of course, they do LOTS of jumping on the trampoline each afternoon, but you know what else…  I have been amazed at how many other creative uses they have found for it too!

Who would have thought that a new trampoline would also serve as a gym, movie theater, and play house?  Yup!  So with lots of trampolines likely being gifted this holiday season {pssst – keep reading for Springfree’s Black Friday Promo going on this week}, I’m here today to share five creative ways that you can use your backyard trampoline as well…

5 Creative Trampoline Uses | Houston Moms Blog

1} Make Believe

Over the past week alone, our trampoline has served as a zoo with stuffed animals, a sports arena with foam balls, and a far away land for the queen and king.  I love to sit on the patio and watch my children’s imaginations run wild as they jaunt from the playscape to the trampoline with elaborate stories and scripts – and occasionally, props and costumes too.

2} Reading Nook

What’s better than curling up on the couch with a good book?  Heading outside, zipping yourself into the trampoline, and getting lost in a book with only the sound of chirping birds and the rustling leaves surrounding you.  It’s magical.  You and your kiddos should try it.

3} Backyard Gym

Confession :: I don’t workout near as much as I should, at least not in the traditional sense.  I cringe at the thought of running on hard concrete, and I just can’t find child-free time to sneak off to those group exercise classes that I love.  But doing quick workout routines on the trampoline while my kids play in the grass beside me?  Now, that’s my kind of exercise!  {And in case you’re curious, here’s a sneak peek at what a workout with Springfree and tgoma looks like.}

4} Game Time

Ring Around the Rosy, Pop the Popcorn, Hot Potato…  I have had so much fun teaching my kiddos all of the games I grew up playing on the trampoline with my friends.  And now, I love that they are coming up with their own games and teaching me how to play those too!

5} Movie Nights

I mentioned tgoma earlier, but if you’re not familiar – Springfree recently launched a new technology that essentially turns your trampoline into an interactive gaming system.  Super cool, right?  Well, my kiddos and I have also discovered that the tgoma tablet holder is perfect for setting up a movie night.  Simply bring oodles of pillows and blankets onto the trampoline, pop your tablet into the holder, press play on your favorite movie, and enjoy a perfect evening under the stars.

So there you have it.  From someone who was pretty much anti-trampoline just a few months ago to someone who can’t wait to see what creative trampoline uses my kiddos come up with next!

Oh, and about that Black Friday Promo that Springfree is hosting…  Word on the street is that this is their best deal of the year, and you have the opportunity to save nearly $1k with FREE delivery + installation {a must!}, a FREE FlexrHoop {so fun}, a FREE FlexrStep {needed}, and a FREE Fitness Trampoline {yes, please}.  Be sure to scope out their Black Friday Promo page for full details and contact info, but as a heads up – the deal ends on November 28th which is coming up SOON!

For more info and to find the location closest to you, go to…


or call 1-877-JUMP-SAFE. 

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