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I am a single parent and a teacher– my little family relies on my paycheck alone for all of life’s necessities and extras. For the better part of 2020, I’ve been locked up with my thoughts, and those thoughts sometimes go to the unthinkable- how would my son be taken care of if I were to die? Thankfully, I have many loving people in my life who would be willing to care for him, but he would need to be financially cared for as well. My school district offers basic life insurance, but to be honest, I wasn’t sure if it was enough coverage. When I enrolled, I didn’t ask any questions; I just checked the box on a form and never thought about it again.  

But then recently, a friend sent a group message asking if anyone had life insurance outside of their employer. I really look up to her, and her question made me think I needed to do some research on what life insurance policy would actually work for my family. Life insurance in general is one of those things that you don’t think about first, and might not be everyone’s favorite thing to talk about- especially ‘what if’ scenarios about untimely death. But it is a crucial element when planning your future, and even more important when you decide to start a family. 

Searching for life insurance can be a daunting task because it’s just so confusing. I had lots of questions. I knew I wanted two things from a life insurance policy:: one that was simple to understand and that would take care of my family financially in the same way that I am doing now. Thankfully, my research led me to a carrier that offers exactly what I was looking for.

A New Type of Life Insurance

Dayforward is a completely new type of life insurance that protects your income until your kids are grown up. So, if you die, your family will continue to receive your twice-a-month paychecks like they depend on today. For example, imagine that your twice-a-month paychecks are $2,000. If you pass away, not only will your family begin to receive your twice-a-month paychecks of $2,000 from Dayforward, but they’ll also get an additional $10,000 to cover your funeral expenses. To me, this makes so much more sense than having a policy that would offer a lump sum for the care for my son. 

Dayforward is simple. The way life insurance should be.

Getting Coverage is Easy

Typically, life insurance can take months to actually be put in place, but with Dayforward, you can get coverage in a matter of minutes. Dayforward makes it super easy to sign up – you can get coverage by answering a few short questions—all from the comfort of your own home. 

As a busy single working mom, I don’t have time to spend a ton of time filling out forms or going to a remote location to get life insurance coverage. The fact that I can enroll during my lunch break or while my son works on his homework is a huge bonus for me!

Totally Customizable 

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that life can change in an instant. I have no idea what my life will look like next week, much less, a year, 5 years, or 10 years from now. Fortunately, Dayforward’s coverage is adaptable to life’s changes. If I get a raise or add a new bundle of joy to my family, all I have to do is let Dayforward know and they will adjust my policy. 

I’m also able to customize my policy to last until I believe my youngest child will be financially independent. Right now, my only child is my son, so I can choose my policy to last until he turns 18, 21, or even as old as 26.

I firmly believe that some of the hardest decisions to make are often the most important ones. Searching for life insurance already comes with a dark cloud over it, having a easy to understand plan that is easy to enroll in is paramount. A lot of times it takes something as big as a pandemic or an untimely death in our family for us to consider our family’s financial future after we are gone. 

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