DIY {Easy + Fast!} No Sew Tent

In my tween slumber party post, I briefly touched on the super easy DIY no sew tents I made.  Since then, I’ve had so many people asking for step-by-step instructions, especially with the holidays nearing.  I can’t help but think what a precious gift this would make all set up beside a Christmas tree, and the opportunities for play {and maybe even a little slumber!} are endless.  The best part of all?  There is no sewing involved!  So here you have it, everything you need to create a DIY no sew tent…

DIY {Easy + Fast!} No Sew Tent | Houston Moms Blog

Materials Needed ::

{3} 1 x 2’s – 8 ft. each

{1} 1/2″ diameter dowel – 4 ft. long

{2} rubber bands

3 yards of fabric – 48″ in width


1/2″ drill bit and drill

nail gun {optional} OR nails & hammer


Directions ::

1} Cut two of the 1×2’s in half.  Now you will have 6 equal pieces.

2} Stack two 1×2’s on top of each other and drill a 1/2″ hole about 3″ down from the top all the way through both boards.  Repeat for another set of two boards.  

3} Place the dowels through the holes so that you have an inverted V frame.  Leave about one inch of the dowel sticking out from both ends.  Wrap a rubber band around the dowel to prevent it from slipping off the frame.  

DIY {Easy + Fast!} No Sew Tent | Houston Moms Blog

4} For the last 1×2, measure the length between the bases of the inverted V frames and cut 2 pieces at that length. Mine measured 46″, but yours could vary.

5} Attach these boards to the bottom of the frames and nail in place. 

DIY {Easy + Fast!} No Sew Tent | Houston Moms Blog

6} Open up your fabric and drape it over the middle dowel.  Wrap the fabric around the bottom frame and use a regular stapler to staple it into the board.  To prevent the fabric from drooping you will need another set of hands to help you pull the fabric taut.  Have them hold on to it so that you can staple it into the board.  

DIY {Easy + Fast!} No Sew Tent | Houston Moms Blog

7} The tents will work best on carpet so that it doesn’t slip.  Simply fold the frame to store away!

DIY {Easy + Fast!} No Sew Tent | Houston Moms Blog

These tents were a huge hit at my daughter’s slumber party!  And as an added bonus… the rest of my kids enjoyed playing / sleeping in them in the playroom too!

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    • Same here! I try to stay away from the sewing machine if I can. My kids uses the tents for movie nights on the weekends now. It’s super fun.

  1. Wow, these are just perfect! We don’t have a lot of extra space around here so there’s not really anywhere that we could have a tent set up 24/7, so the fact that these fold up flat so I can store them away in a closet or something is just awesome.

    • Thanks Tiffany! Let me know how it goes for you and or if you have any advice you would like to share with us after making them. 🙂 I love them and my daughter is using them again this year for another sleepover with her friends.


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