Don’t Throw Away Your Holiday Cards!

I’m not sure about you, but I have a HARD time putting away my Christmas cards – much less THROWING them away!  They are so special to me.  I love to walk by the wall that I display them on and pause and reflect on each family.  In years past, it would drive my husband crazy when my card holder {made very similar to the one Chelsea gave a tutorial for here} stayed up for months after Christmas was over.  I just know that I love to look at those beautiful faces time and time again.  People have spent time, effort, and money on those sweet cards, not to mention how gosh darned hard it can be to take a family photo!


Soooo….you can imagine how pleasantly surprised my husband was when our card display finally started coming down a in a timely manner a couple years ago!  A friend had mentioned that she kept the holiday cards they received out year round, and I was all ears!!!  She explained that her goal was to get her children to think and pray for others, taking the focus off of “self” so much.  Each day before one of their meals, they would pull out a card from the folder she kept them in and reflect on that particular family.  Memories of that family were shared and a specific prayer was prayed just for them.  I loved it.

I adapted it just a tad, and I also add graduation pictures and birth announcements as we receive them throughout that particular year.  It really does sit right in the middle of my table in a basket with the paper towels.  {Aren’t we fancy!?}

Holiday Cards

Items Needed ::

misty dec

Instructions ::

  1. Punch a hole in the upper left hand corner of each of your Christmas cards.
  2. Place them one-by-one on the metal book ring.
  3. Find a special place in your home to keep them out year round.

misty dec

It may be weird, but I truly DO cherish the Christmas cards we’re given each year.  They are a gift.  A gift that reminds me of the special people in our lives.  Keep ’em out, friends!

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  1. This is such a beautiful idea Misty! I have kept ours on a ring to show W throughout the year and talk about who people are but I love the prayer idea. Will be doing this year and passing along to friends and family. Great inspiration!


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