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A Christmas Book Tradition

Christmas Book Cambry

While I was growing up, our family had many fun Christmas traditions that I looked forward to every year. We always watched the movie Christmas Vacation, we decorated gingerbread houses,  we drove around looking at Christmas lights in our pajamas while drinking hot cocoa, and we opened up one present on Christmas Eve.

With my oldest daughter being only 2, we haven’t started many traditions yet for our little family. But I definitely want to start incorporating some fun traditions that our children can look forward to each year. And not only that, but I want to find traditions that point us all toward the true meaning of Christmas – Jesus Christ.

I read about this Christmas book tradition a couple of years ago and knew I wanted to do this in our family. It is simple, fun, inexpensive, and is a great way to reinforce the Christmas story. Here is how it works…

Individually wrap 25 Christmas books and place them in a basket under the tree. Then each day in December leading up to Christmas, let the children choose one book to unwrap and read that day. If you don’t have 25 books, no problem. Just wrap however many books you have. I just had 5 Christmas books that we accumulated last year. I did buy one new book this year, and then I got the rest of the books from the library. You guys know how much I love the library! There was a huge section of Christmas books at our library to choose from. The checkout period is 3 weeks, and you can renew once for an additional 3 weeks – so you don’t have to worry about returning them until after Christmas. {Although I think I may return some as we open them so other people can enjoy them too!}

Books Unwrapped

Books Wrapped

The new Christmas book I purchased this year is Song of the Stars :: A Christmas Story by Sally Lloyd-Jones. This is the same author who wrote The Jesus Storybook Bible – which, by the way, is the BEST book! And if you don’t already own it, you should go buy it immediately! And just like The Jesus Storybook Bible, I love love love Song of the Stars. It is so simple and yet so profound. I definitely recommend it.

Song of the Stars

I hope this book tradition is just the first of many that my children will enjoy and look back on with fond memories. What are some other good Christmas books that I should add to my collection?

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