Hospital Bag Packing List

As I type this, I am eagerly awaiting my little one’s arrival. I have my hospital bags {mostly} packed and ready to go. I wanted to share my hospital bag packing list to hopefully help out some expectant mammas, and also hear from you regarding anything I am forgetting!

For Mom ::

Hospital Bag Packing List Collage

1. Toiletries

Don’t judge me for bringing a blow dryer and straightener! I used both of those when I had my first baby. I am also bringing my dry shampoo in case I don’t feel like washing my hair.

2. Nursing Items – nursing bra, nursing tank, nursing pads, Boppy, and nursing cover

3. Pajamas

4. Comfortable Clothes

I am bringing my Gap maternity yoga pants and a maternity tank/sweater set.

5. A Going Home Outfit

Remember, you will still look pregnant, so pack maternity clothes or looser items.

6. Socks and Flip-Flops {for the shower or getting up to go to the restroom}

7.  Snacks

You will probably get hungry in between meals, so it is nice to have some snacks on hand. I made and froze some pumpkin muffins that I plan to throw in my bag at the last minute. I am looking forward to having one of my favorite homemade snacks at the hospital.

8. Miscellaneous Items – camera and charger, phone charger, personal info {ID and insurance card}

For Baby ::


The only thing you really need is a going home outfit and a properly installed car seat. You can go here to check for a location that will inspect your car seat.  The hospital will most likely provide you with everything else. However, for fun I am bringing…

  • A couple of cute outfits/onesies
  • Accessories – hats and bows

Okay, I may or may not be bringing 5 headbands for a {hopefully} 2 day hospital stay. My hubby is giving me a hard time about this. But look, I have carried around this enormous baby for 9+ months. I think I am entitled to pack as many headbands as I want!

  • An Aden & Anais swaddle blanket
  • Paper for footprints

I don’t have a baby book, so I am just bringing a cute layered piece of scrapbook paper that I will get her footprints stamped on and then I can insert it into a book later.

For Older Sibling ::

Sibling Hospital Bags

  • Weekend Bag

I have a bag packed for my toddler with a few changes of clothes, diapers, wipes, pajamas, bows, shoes, toothbrush, a sippy cup, and a couple of her favorite snacks. I also typed out and printed her daily schedule {meal time, nap time, etc}.

  • Big Sister Gift

I have her gift {a high chair for her baby doll} wrapped, and I plan to bring it to the hospital but leave it in the car. If it works out to give it to her when she visits, then hubby can grab it from the car. If not, we can just give it to her at home.

Hubby is also bringing a bag…but I will just let him be in charge of that. And I also have a list sitting next to my bag with everything I need to throw in at the last minute that I am still using {make up, toothbrush, etc}.  So now it’s your turn! What am I forgetting? Was there something you brought that was super helpful? Anything you brought that you never used?

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Jana is wife to Greg and mom to Cambry {December 2011} and Lainey {October 2013}. She has the best job in the world as a stay at home mom. She enjoys spending time with friends, crafting, trying new recipes, taking pictures of her daughters, and working out. She and her husband also love working with the youth kids at their church. She believes you can never have too many bows or headbands for little girls. Read all about her family life over at Meet the Matterns.


  1. So smart with those muffins! I had 2 C-sections so food was limited but I am guessing by the third day I could have some! Prayers for a safe and easy delivery!

  2. Eeee!! So exciting! I love the big sister gifts and bag! What a fun idea. I brought slippers and used them a lot because my feet were so swollen. And big fuzzy socks. I’ll be thinking about you!!!

  3. I am so excited for you Jana! This is an awesome post and perfect list. Love the big sister gift idea. I felt like I overpacked for the hospital, but didn’t regret it since it made me feel good to have lots of options and comforts with me. I loved having my Ugg slippers for something extra comfortable to walk the halls in and a notebook to write down all the different things the docs and nurses were telling me. Keep us posted!

  4. Lip balm was a lifesaver! I also brought my own pillow since the hospital ones are so uncomfortable. Being able to sit on it on the way home was a bonus!

  5. You are so good and so-so organized!! I have to say, having number two is so much crazier than number one because you HAVE to be prepared for EVERYONE! So the entire month before Hadley was born, I had weekly to do lists with everything from washing all the throw pillows in the house to making a wreath for my hospital door. (All while on modified bed rest, my OB would have shuddered!) But it paid off immensely, and I am so thankful I did!

  6. I also went ahead and threw in our video camera & regular camera early (we don’t really use them everyday). And extra batteries. I also brought my own Morin & Lanolin cream, mostly because I’m cheap & didn’t want to pay for the hospital up charge. We did the big sister gifts (I had a 5 yr old & 16 yr old when the youngest was born) but I also had something special that they picked out for the sister to bring when they came to visit. I wanted to include them as much as possible.
    The only other thing I was sure to bring was my own pads. The diaper like ones are ok the first day but by the second day I’m wanting something not quite so bulky

  7. Definitely brought my own pack of extra long overnight maxi pads with wings!! Worked perfectly! I attempted to try out the hospital ones, but they were awful! Didn’t fit quite right. But the mesh panties they provide were great for my c section!


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