How I Met Your Father {High School Sweetheart Edition}

Okay, Kara. Have a seat. I’m going to tell you a little story of how I met your father.


And hold that baby doll; pretend it’s your new baby brother or sister! I know. You’re enthused {sarcasm}. But the story really is legen…wait-for-it…DARY!

When I first met your father, never in a million years did I think we would be married. I didn’t even think we would be friends.

Well, joke’s on me.

It was the summer before 9th grade. I spent the night at Auntie Jeannette’s house so that we could go to our high school’s Fish Camp together. We did what 14 year old girls did at sleepovers – painted our nails, took turns at playing clarinet {wait…what? not everyone did that?!}, and talked about BOYS.

“Kristine. There’s this boy in band that I really like.”

“Oh yeah?!” I replied enthusiastically.

“Yeah. And at the 8th grade dance, I danced so close to him, I could feel his heart beat. Do you want to see his picture?”

Well duh.

Auntie Jeannette shows me the band picture and points to a boy. He wasn’t smiling and looked bored. “Isn’t he soooooo cute?…”


“…his name is Richard.”

“Ooooo. Yeah. He’s SOOOO cute,” I replied. But really, this is how I felt.


The next day at Fish Camp, Auntie Jeannette brings me over to this tall awkward dude and says, “Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaave you met Richard?” He didn’t even look at me when we shook hands and ran away immediately after. How rude! What did she see in this guy?!

A couple years go by and anytime I would see Richard in a classroom or in the hallway, I would think to myself that he’s that guy that doesn’t make eye contact, walks so fast, and is so tall {yes, I’m bringing up tall again} and skinny.

Then, AP Physics rolled around. I sat next to Richard in class, and that’s when I learned about his Tetris skills {played on his TI-89}, his mean humor {calling people by Pokemon nick names when making fun of them… I still laughed}, and his kind heart. He helped me get an A when my grade for the semester was an 89.4 by giving me some of his extra credit points. We were officially friends.

Wow. So this guy does have a soul. The summer before senior year of high school rolled around, and I thought I might have a crush on him. Challenge accepted!

I found myself roller blading towards the basketball court where he played basketball everyday. {He was the 3-year reigning champion of the Chinese Club Basketball Tournament, after all.}

I had a birthday party at home, and Richard was invited. He played Playstation with Uncle Zoomy sitting on his lap {he was only 5 years old at the time}. I think, “Wow. This guy is good with kids too? Especially when that kid is my baby brother?”

I was also dialing up onto the Internet a lot and chatting with him on AOL instant messenger. He’s just so easy to talk to.


The first day of senior year rolled around, and Richard was waiting for me in his Dodge Voyager mini van {the dreamiest car around} in front of the house because I was running late. You can’t rush fabulosity.

Little did he know, this wouldn’t be the last time he’d be waiting on me! And to this day, he always waits without complaining.

One evening, I forgot my Calculus book at school and needed to borrow his to complete my homework. I was waiting for him to drop the book off, and your grandmother walked into the house and said, “Why is Richard pacing up and down the driveway outside?”

I went outside and found your father standing in the walkway to our front door. He was holding the Calculus book. And as he was handing the book over to me, he nervously said, “Do you, uh {cough, clear throat… as he still does today when he talks on the phone}, want to go to Homecoming with me?”

Of course, I obliged. I got my fancy dress from Arden B, he suited up, and and we went to the dance together. This was the beginning of Richstine.

Richstine on the way to the Homecoming Dance. What was I thinking with that hair?!

And we’ve been together ever since, even through the long distance in college and at the start of our careers! Your father and I have had many adventures together before you came along, Love. We traveled. We partied hard hung out with friends. We ate at Michelin rated restaurants {some were good, some were not}.


But no other adventure has been as great as parenthood has been with your father. In fact, he has been incredibly awesome {Barney Stinson voice} at being your daddy. He really has suited-up and has been legen…wait-for-it…DARY.


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Kristine grew up in Houston where she met her husband Richard. The high school sweethearts welcomed their daughter Kara {2014} after naturally overcoming infertility. Sixteen months later, their son Ray {2015} joined their family. She balances the allergy mom life as well as a full-time job at an oil & gas supermajor where she is the queen of PowerPoint. Her Houston roots run deep with her Bachelors degree from the University of Houston and MBA from Rice University. Kristine loves traveling, good food, and experiencing all things H-town with family and friends, especially drinks {bars, breweries, boutique coffee shops!}, museums, and of course, BEYONCÉ. You can follow her adventures on vu hu life, Instagram and Twitter {@vuhulife}.



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