How to Invest in Your Child Now to Benefit Their Future Family

We are proud to partner with LifeSpring Insurance Services to share with Houston moms how they can invest now to give their children the benefit of infertility coverage later, in case it is needed.

Like all parents, I have dreams for my children’s futures. Today, they are only a few years out of diapers, but I know I’ll blink and they’ll be fully grown adults ready to live their own lives and make their own marks on the world. I am constantly thinking about what I can do now, when they are so little, to benefit their lives 10, 15, or even 20 years from now.

I Want to Benefit My Children’s Future Today

How to Invest in Your Child Now to Benefit Their Future Family

I am working hard to teach my children my values, give them the best educational opportunities possible, and do what I can to ensure they grow up physically and mentally healthy. There are also financial decisions and investments I can make now that will greatly benefit them later, such as setting up life insurance policies and contributing to college savings plans. 

But in addition to my children’s future educational needs, I also think about them starting their own families some day, and what that will look like. Hopefully, if they do decide to have children, they and their partners won’t have any issues conceiving. But, what if they are like 1 in 8 American couples diagnosed with primary infertility, and are unable to conceive without the aid of reproductive technology? And what if they are unable to afford the high cost of infertility treatments, such as IVF? 

The Pain and Cost of Infertility

How to Invest in Your Child Now to Benefit Their Future Family

I have stood alongside several good friends who battled the physical and emotional weight of an infertility diagnosis. And while the ache for a baby was excruciating for them, the high cost of infertility treatments was just as stressful. I’ve watched friends drain their savings accounts and max out credit cards trying multiple rounds of IVF, and others have to give up their dreams of having a biological child because the cost of trying even one more time was just not financially feasible. 

Sometimes, infertility treatments are covered by insurance, but often they are not. Couples often face tens of thousands of dollars in medical bills in their journey to conceive a child, a financial burden that can be crippling. The average cost per child born to assisted reproductive technologies {ART}, not including labor and delivery, is around $47,000. Sadly, this makes treatments cost prohibitive to many couples who simply want to start a family. 

The Gift of Hope and Financial Resources

How to Invest in Your Child Now to Benefit Their Future Family

The thought of one of my own children walking the road of infertility is painful, but thankfully, there is something I can do for them now that can ease the financial burden of infertility, should it be an issue for them later. Founded in Texas,  LifeSpring Insurance Services offers the country’s first and exclusive insurance for primary infertility treatments, offering today’s adults an opportunity to give the next generation of couples affected by infertility the hope and financial resources they need.

I {or someone else} can purchase LifeSpring’s Primary Infertility Assistance Policy for my child through the age of 13 for a one-time, ∼$2,000 premium with a $50,000 deferred benefit. Then, if my child {0r their partner} needs infertility treatment from age 18-35, LifeSpring will cover medication, testing, doctor visits, in vitro fertilization {IVF}, anesthesia, egg/sperm/embryo storage, and other related treatments with no deductibles or co-insurance. Coverage begins after both members of the couple reach 18, and before the member being treated for a covered condition reaches 36. On the 36th birthday of the member, the couple has 12 months to resolve any ongoing treatments. 

I love my children dearly, and if they do choose to have children one day, I will be overjoyed to be a grandparent. I sincerely hope that infertility is never a journey any of my children have to make. But, my mind is put at ease knowing that there is a way, with LifeSpring Insurance Services, that I can prepare now to benefit them later in case one of them does struggle.

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