How to Save Money THIS Halloween! {VarageSale Sponsored Post}

How To Save Money This HalloweenI first found out about our sponsor VarageSale a year ago.  We moved into a new house and started replacing appliances immediately – new dishwasher, fridge, washer, dryer…you name it.  I couldn’t stand the idea of leaving the old appliances on the curb, so I decided to give VarageSale a try.  A couple days later, I had a few hundred dollars in my pocket.  And no old appliances left sitting in my garage.

That’s when I got the bug.  I started buying.  Ironic, huh?  I initially got on there to make money, and now I’m spending it all.  But I’m saving so much in the long run!  One of my biggest pet peeves is paying full price for clothing my toddler will wear a few months, then outgrow.  I constantly pick up brand new clothing for a fraction of the price.  But lately, I’ve ventured into a different market…Halloween costumes!!!

Skeeter is currently in a phase where she loves to dress up.  Minnie Mouse costume?  Check.  Queen Elsa?  Check.  Sophia the First?  Check.  I’ve been perusing VarageSale nonstop to pick up Halloween costumes while there are a ton available, and they’re so budget friendly!

Don’t write this situation off as being just princess costumes either.  My local VarageSale community has hundreds of costumes available in all sizes!  Everything from Cinderella to Spiderman, infant sizes to adult – they’re all available!

So, if you’re not already familiar with VarageSale, let me answer a few questions for you…Square VS logo (1)

What is VarageSale?  My best explanation?  It’s like an online garage sale.  You know how on Saturday mornings you jump from garage sale to garage sale, hoping to score a good find?  Well, VarageSale saves you time because you simply go to, browse through categorized items in your area {baby clothes and gear, home decor, appliances, sporting goods – you name it}, and start shopping!  It’s also so easy to sell your unwanted items, especially when you use their app.  Just snap a picture, post it with a price, and you’re in business!

When I find an item I want, how do I buy it?  Just communicate with the seller by commenting on the listing you’re interested in.  Then, private message to negotiate pricing and set up a meeting place and time.  Most meetings happen in parking lots or {if you’re comfortable} even at home!

Is there a way to tell if other users are trustworthy? Thankfully, yes.  After a transaction is complete, you are able to “praise” the other user.  This lets the rest of the community know which members are reliable to work with.

Are there any fees involved?  Nope.  There are zero fees associated with VarageSale.  Which means that items are often sold at a lower price point than other selling outlets – saving you even MORE!  {And if you’re the one selling the item, it means more profit for you.  Definite win/win!}

How do I get started?  Go to VarageSale, follow the few easy steps to set up an account, and search for a community near you!  There are currently eight communities in and around the Houston area to choose from ::

  • Houston, TX Buy and Sell
  • Sienna Pickers of Missouri City, TX
  • Cypress, TX Garage Sale Online
  • Beg, Barter, Buy & Sell in Katy, TX
  • For Sale: Rose/Rich& Sugar Land, Texas in Rosenburg/Richmond
  • Bay Area Mommy Market, TX in Friendswood
  • Moms of League City Swap and Shop, Texas
  • BBBS of Brazoria County

More questions?  Check out this helpful video!

So don’t hesitate!  Whether you’re in the market for Halloween costumes and decor or have already started Christmas shopping, it’s all there waiting for you.

Have you used VarageSale before?  What do you buy?  We’d love to hear from you too!



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