How to Use Technology and Smart Products to Make Family Life Easier

We are proud to partner with OnTech to help Houston Moms learn why smart products are a great investment for their homes, and how this company installs and teaches moms how to get the best use from them.

I was born in 1979 and am a proud member of the sandwich generation known as the Xennials {they also call us the Oregon Trail generation}. Xennials are those of us born between 1977 and 1983. We’re not quite old enough to be part of Gen X, but are too old to be true Millennials. We Xennials are unique in that while we spent our childhoods free of the internet, email, smart products, and social media, our entire adult lives have included these technologies. We can’t imagine life without our iphones and Instagram, but are not digital natives like the generation just after us.

As an Xennial, I am all in when it comes to technology that can make my life simpler, safer, and more connected, but to be honest, I’m often intimidated when it comes to adopting new products, especially in my home. I mean, I’ve lived my entire life without a refrigerator I can talk to and a doorbell with a camera, so purchasing and installing these things hasn’t been a priority, until now. But, the more I read about how a Smart Home really can improve my life, the more I want to upgrade my house.

How to Use Technology and Smart Products to Make Family Life Easier | Houston Moms BlogSmart Home Products for Moms

After doing some research, I have determined that as a mom with young kids, there are a few smart products that our family could really benefit from.

Smart Hub:: 

A device, like the Google Nest Hub, that can control other smart devices, give me the news and weather, and remind me to send my kid’s permission slip back to school? Yes, please! I can see this being a lifesaver for keeping track of my calendar, as well as freeing me from being tethered to my phone all day.

Smart Doorbell::

I’m home alone with my kids a lot during the day, and safety and security is my top priority. While most of our unexpected doorbell rings are Amazon Prime deliveries, there are sometimes solicitors at the door that I don’t feel comfortable opening the door to talk to. With a smart doorbell, like Ring, I can see if it’s the friendly UPS delivery guy, the neighbor kid coming ask my kids to play, or that creepy magazine salesman that swings through the neighborhood every few weeks. 

Smart Thermostat::

I’m all about keeping us comfortable while we are in our house, but would like to save energy in whatever ways we can, especially when we aren’t home. But with three little kids to get out the door, I always forget to raise the thermostat before we leave. With a smart thermostat such as the Google Nest, I can control the temperature in my home from anywhere, right from my phone. 

Ok, I Want Smart Products in my Home. Now What?

How to Use Technology and Smart Products to Make Family Life Easier | Houston Moms BlogWhile I can see myself using and loving these smart technology products, the installation and learning curve for them intimidates me. I simply do not have hours and hours to figure out how to get these products working and then learning how to use them. Thankfully, there is a new company here in Houston that can take care of all of this for me, and will have me using these smart products right away. 

OnTech is a company that recognizes that while technology can make our lives easier, figuring out what we need and getting it set-up can be complicated. I can purchase my smart products from OnTech {or buy them elsewhere} and they will send out a technician to install them same day! Not only will the technician install the products and get them working, they will teach me how to use them and offer tips on getting the most out of them! Personalization is in their DNA, and I am so impressed with the wide range of services that this company offers. 

Although I belong to the last generation that didn’t grow up with smart technology at their fingertips, I am adaptable and am looking forward to the rest of my life with products that keep me safe, organized and make life easier.


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