{How We Celebrate} Ray’s Baptism

I didn’t grow up a practicing Catholic. Catholicism is embedded in my extended family‘s traditions, and because of that I was baptized as an infant. Other than that, Mass was something we attended at the family’s Vietnamese parish for Christmas where I understood maybe 50% of what was going on. It wasn’t until I was an adult that I realized how much the faith was part of my formation and also needed to be going forward.

How We Celebrate {Ray's Baptism} | Houston Moms Blog
We were so grateful for all the extended family who celebrated Ray’s baptism with us. This wasn’t even 1/4 of the family!

This realization happened after my maternal grandmother passed away. My grandfather was, of course, devastated, but his faith in his Heavenly Father as well as his earthly family, both by blood and by friendship, lifted him through a dark time and continues to so today at 89-years-old.

How We Celebrate {Ray's Baptism} | Houston Moms Blog

The love, strength, and faith that my grandfather has is an ultimate life goal that I want for myself and for my children. This desire motivated me to complete my Sacraments of Initiation as an adult, convinced me to get married at church, and now inspires me to establish a faith foundation for my children. Maybe one day they will experience the peace that my grandfather has when he’s holding his rosary.

We We Celebrate {Ray's Baptism} | Houston Moms Blog
Ray’s godmother is my godsister

When I heard of the opportunity to have Michelle from This Moment Photography capture the Baptism for my son Ray, I was so excited. {1} She is a talented videographer/photographer, and {2} I wanted to break the stereotype/self-fulfilling prophesy of the second-born having less photos and videos of themselves and always getting hand-me-downs. I wanted Ray to have something that was his and that was different from his big sister.


It was Michelle’s fantastic idea that I write a letter to Ray about what his Baptism means to me.

My Dearest Ray,

A couple of months ago, your father, sister, and I welcomed you into our family. Today, you will be Baptized and welcomed into the universal family of Christ.

You will not remember this day, but I pray that you will not take your Baptism for granted. You will receive many gifts in your lifetime, but none will be as important as the gift of the Holy Spirit. As you grow, you will feel love and admiration for others. However, as humans, we are imperfect and often make mistakes. My prayer for you is that you put your faith in the only perfect being as He will never fail you. When your earthly mother, father, and loved ones aren’t there for you, remember that your Heavenly Father is with you always.

While I do not know what the Lord has planned for you, I do know that your journey as a Christian begins today with a hope of life everlasting. I promise to help you find your faith and look forward to being a spectator as you uncover the mysteries of a faith that has spanned our family for many generations.

You are so loved, my little one.


How We Celebrate {Ray's Baptism} | Houston Moms Blog

I’m thankful for the images Michelle captured from the baptism and the video she produced. It’s a wonderful keepsake that Ray will have for the rest of his life that can be shared through the generations.

Connect with Michelle and book your session below…

This Moment Photography

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Please Note :: As we wrap up this post, we have to give This Moment Photography a great, big thank you for graciously sponsoring this series and capturing all of our special celebrations as part of it.  We are so grateful to partner together with her on this project and encourage you to contact her too!


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