I choose to be better than yesterday.

I know I’m not the only one.  But sometimes it sure feels like it.  I lose it.  Ugh.  It happens with my husband, and it happens with my kids.  Usually not with anyone else.  THE PEOPLE I LOVE MOST IN THIS WORLD.  MY PEOPLE.  The ones entrusted into my care by GOD above.  MY BLESSINGS.

I mess up.  I cringe just admitting it, even knowing I’m in good company with like, ummmm…..pretty much everyone in the world! Ha!  AN IMPERFECT MOM AND WIFE.  We don’t PLAN to be too harsh with our words, lose our temper, have a bad attitude, etc.  BUT WE DO.  At least we know we’re not alone, and to me…sometimes THAT’S the biggest help of all.

Besides, know what counts the most?  Becoming better.  Growing from our mistakes.  Learning how to handle whatever it is that sets us off or at least being better prepared.

What does that look like for you?  I know EXACTLY what that looks like for me.  I know because on the days I encounter stress and handle it like a PRO, letting it roll right off of me, even feeling a sense of JOY in the midst of it all…I’ve done what I needed to do to “arm” myself.

For me…

  • Get plenty of sleep
  • Exercise
  • Have a little “me” time {WITH chocolate}
  • Intentional planning on my part DAILY to have fun and make memories with my kids/family
  • Spending time with God and reading His word
  • Training my mind

All of the above are pretty self-explanatory except the “training my mind.”  For me, that simply means thinking on GOOD THINGS.  My husband recently inspired me in this area without saying a word.  He has a hand-written quote on his mirror that reads…

“I choose to be better than yesterday.”

He sees it every morning, every evening.  I’ve always thought it was neat.

So guess what I did to help me in the “training my mind” category???

Yep!  I copied him! But instead of hand-written {which would’ve been JUST as effective!}, I used PicMonkey – a free on-line photo editor – to create some printables just for me!  Simple and easy once you know your way around the site.

Here are two of mine now hanging on MY mirror.  I chose things that were near and dear to my heart and soul.  Gentle reminders that my heart needs to focus on.  I plan on making a new one every so often because I loved doing it SO MUCH.  I’ve probably read and re-read them a million times.  SO, SO UPLIFTING!

hmb things to ponder hmb good stuff for me 2

I want to be BETTER than yesterday!  What about you?

Mamas helping Mamas.  It’s what we’re all about here at Houston Moms Blog!!!

Much love, fellow moms!  We can do it.  Plain and simple.  WE JUST CAN.

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Born and raised in the Houston area, Misty married her husband Chuck in 2005, and is blessed to be called "mommy" three different ways...step, adoptive, and biological. Her kids are Maddi {Sept 1995}, Mason {June 1999}, Levi {Nov 2011}, and Kate {Nov 2012}. She and her husband struggled through six years of infertility. After enduring unsuccessful fertility treatments GALORE, their path led them to adoption and soon after, a surprise pregnancy! Misty is a teacher-turned-SAHM and is passionate about Jesus, her family, adoption, others suffering with infertility, running, reading, and chocolate. You can read all about her incredibly blessed journey and every day life over at so much more...yet to come.


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