Inspired by the Imperfections

Just the other day someone I look up to dearly said to me, “You know, I am really impressed by how well you have handled everything and by yourself as a momma.” I thought surely she must have had too much wine. She definitely must have been sitting on my left side so she couldn’t see the smudged tiger stamp on my right cheek that wouldn’t quite wash off the night before after my son insisted, “Momma cheek, Momma cheek!”

There was absolutely no way she had looked in my purse to see 6 lollipop wrappers, 2 small animal figurines {the “raff” and “bebra” we can’t be without}, 1 loose credit card and driver’s license in place of a wallet, 2 diapers but no wipes because I forgot to restock again, and 1 almost empty powder compact which has quickly become my only form of makeup. Of course, somewhere in the mess is also my car key, the push start ignition that I didn’t think I needed but opted for anyway … and is quickly becoming a necessity these days.

She didn’t know that I almost brushed my teeth with hand soap again that morning, or that I likely had on a shirt from the “slightly” worn pile of clothes I should probably just go ahead and wash but still haven’t found the time.

Then I took a moment and thought, “What made me respect and admire her?” It wasn’t that she always seemed perfectly groomed, well-rested, and had Boy Scout preparedness for every situation. It wasn’t that she always seemed to know exactly what to do as a momma and never made a mistake. I respected this woman because she showed up for her beautiful daughter and did her best every single time. She wasn’t afraid to sit in the dirt, get a little dirty, and make mountains of mud pies. She wasn’t too worried about messing up the house to get out all the toys and create an imaginary world of learning and exploration for her little one to enjoy. It certainly didn’t happen because she had an easy journey. We have the type of relationship where I know she wouldn’t honestly say that she has never made a mistake or felt less than perfect.

And yet, I still consider her an amazing mom. I still look up to her and learn from her as a fellow single momma. Her daughter knows that she is safe, loved, and supported. She has grown into a beautiful, humble, kind young lady, no doubt largely due to her mother’s influence.

Then I thought further about the parents that I strive to learn from and be like. Did they always have it together? Are they perfect? Do they have all the answers?


Honestly, I don’t think any of us can say that we are perfect parents. Yet, these imperfect parents that make up our village are my inspiration. It might be the momma that I expect to be a little late to a playdate because she is beautifully juggling the activities and nap schedules of two sweet little kiddos and always putting their needs first. Or the momma who reads every article and always feels less than perfect but never fails to put her daughter’s needs first and recognize that, in the end, every child is different.  It is the momma that struggles through depression and milk allergies only to realize that she is enough and her newborn will know her love regardless of her motherhood journey. It is the momma struggling with the toddler phase where her sweet boy expresses his frustration by hitting her even though she gives him every ounce of love she has. It is the father who sets an example for his son of the strong, kind, loving man he wants him to become in spite of losing his male role model early in his own childhood.

None of us are perfect in every moment, and for me it is watching these parents thrive in the imperfect moments of parenthood that inspires me to allow myself grace. It forces me to recognize that my son doesn’t need a perfect mom. He just needs a mom that loves him fiercely.

And that I can do.

Inspired by the Imperfections | Houston Moms Blog


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