Kids Corona Confessions:: Arinze E.


I’ve been asking my son what he thinks about COVID and how it’s changing his daily routine. I see all of these memes about what kids will recall from this moment in time when they are older. Well, here’s his perspective:

Ze, what do you think about the Corona virus?

I think it ended..wait did it end?

{No, not yet}

Oh okay. Well, Coronavirus is snuggly– I like snuggling with my mommy. And you watch TV. I think its good, so people can rest. It’s like Sunday, always. We can’t go so many places though and I do miss my friends.

It’s gonna end so stay at home until it ends. Play with your toys and do your work on Zoom.

Arinze, 5 years old

Future astronaut and lover of all things green. Likes reading books about space and  building imaginary and real objects with his Legos. Likes long rides on his scooter and his grandma.  He’s a lover. Not a fighter. 






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Ugochi was born and raised right here in Houston, but has spent most of her adult life in the Midwest. She attended University of Michigan {Go Blue!} and Loyola University in Chicago. Her professional career has been going strong for over 13 years and consists of every educational role you can think of, from teacher to administrator. She is a mom of the youngest and cutest future scientist by the name of Arinze {May, 2014}, a lover of college football {did we say Go Blue already?}, gummy bears and exploring this great city for as cheap as possible #teacherlife. You can follow her on Instagram @urbankidinthecity or on her blog Urban Kid in the City. When she’s not teaching or momming it up in West Houston, you can find her at the nearest library, writing poetry or volunteering with her church or sorority- Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc.


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