Make Friends and Memories this Summer at Carolina Creek

We are proud to partner with Carolina Creek Christian Camps to share with Houston Moms a safe and fun summer camp experience for their kids.
Kids are resilient…isn’t that what we’ve been told over and over during this incredibly challenging year? That regardless of everything that’s been taken from them, all the school they’ve missed, and all the stress they’ve had to live with, that they will be just fine. We’re told that the experience of living through a global pandemic in their childhoods will shape them in incredible ways that will serve them in adulthood.
And I do believe that’s true. But also, they are still kids. And kids deserve a childhood filled with fun, carefree activities and a chance to make friends and memories, especially during the summer months. But how do parents, who are still coping with the particular challenges of 2021, give their children these things? Summer camp at Carolina Creek Christian Camps

Carolina Creek Offers Something New

Carolina Creek After a year of learning and socializing with their peers mostly through screens or behind masks, kids who attend camp at Carolina Creek will get a chance to set aside their devices, and connect with friends and counselors face to face. As a Christ-centered camp, Carolina Creek is intentional with every aspect of the camp experience to allow room for God to work in His unique way as kids laugh, play, learn and experience Jesus in a whole new way. 

While at camp, kids will be busy with activities from dawn to dusk. There’s something for everyone:: swimming, a ropes course, arts and crafts, boating, the blob, etc. And while they are having a blast with all these summer camp activities, kids will be forming friendships and making lifelong memories. 

Carolina Creek Partners with Parents

Carolina Creek Moms, we did it. We parented through a pandemic for a whole year, and let’s be honest, we killed it. We kept our kids safe and fed, and loved them the best we could through this incredibly stressful time in our own lives. But you know what? We need a break. We need someone else to worry about the logistics for a few days. 

This summer, let Carolina Creek provide meals, activities, screen-free activities and spiritual teaching for your kids while you recharge and focus on your own emotional, physical and spiritual health. Yes, you’ll miss your little 24/7 roommates, but you’ll also love knowing they are having the time of their lives while you relax and focus on yourself. 

Carolina Creek Prioritizes Safety

Ok, but what about COVID? Is it safe to send your kids to camp this year? Carolina Creek Christian Camps are dedicated to making the camp experience as safe as possible during these uncertain times. They were one of only a few overnight summer camps that were open during the summer of 2020, and are committed to doing everything they can to keep their campers safe this summer as well. 

Some of the robust safety measures Carolina Creek takes are health and safety training for all staff, sanitation protocols for all activities and venues, hand washing and sanitation stations throughout the camp, and on-site dedicated healthcare teams. Also, all campers will be screened upon arrival, will have daily temperature checks, and will have exposure mostly limited to their cabin groups. 

As we enter the summer months of 2021, both kids and parents alike need respite from the stress, uncertainty and monotony of everyday life. Summer camp at Carolina Creek Christian Camps is the perfect way for families to stay safe, recharge, and make lasting memories of fun and friendship.

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