Making Memories

If you were to ask me what I remember about middle school {Johnston Middle School represent!!!}, I would probably tell you the following ::

  • sheer terror first day of 6th grade
  • acne {although I hate it just as much in my 30’s as I did as a tween}
  • TCBY after school

While the first two are common experiences felt by 12 year old kids across the nation, I’d like to think my TCBY experience was special. My mom would pick me up and take me straight to the TCBY in Meyer Park {moment of silence for them ripping it up}, and I would enjoy a Rainbow Cream sundae and she would have a kid’s scoop of raspberry sorbet.  We’d chat about our days or my upcoming project or just sit and listen to the music and snack away.

Mind you, this was before everyone thought frozen yogurt was the coolest and demanded all sorts of bright lights and friendly cashiers for service.  This was just plain ol’ TCBY.  But I will never forget it because it was just a thing my mom and I did from time to time.

Now that I have my own kiddo, I try to make time to create similar memories with her.  I know she’s two, and I know that the Internet likes to make me think that every moment of time should be maximized to it’s fullest potential.  And while productivity is cool I suppose, sometimes I just want to sit and chat with a toddler and have a few scoops of ice cream.

So just about every Friday afternoon, I pick Addy up from daycare, and we head to the Baskin-Robbins in Memorial for a couple of scoops of ice cream.  We have a regular table.  She picks out her cone.  And we sit and listen to Mix 96.5 and talk about pumpkins or alphabets or whatever is cool in the toddler class.

Ideally, this tradition will go on in spite of homework or dance recitals or whatever else we manage to squeeze into our days.  I will make a point to sit and do a bunch of nothing with the little one.  And when they tear down the Baskin-Robbins to make way for some big old high rise and Addy zooms past in her space car – she will be like, “Aww…my mom used to take me to that Baskin-Robbins all the time back when people used to eat processed sugar!”  And then speak of me fondly and whatnot.

ice cream

Do you make time for your kids to just sit back and shoot the breeze?  Mommy-son dates?  Mommy-daughter dates?  Just one on one time with the kid?  What sort of activities do you do?

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Breonna was born and raised in Houston, Texas. She is recently married to Tyrone, a graphic designer. They currently reside on the West Side of this great city. A big fan of movies, books, photography, and Starbucks, she currently finds herself knee-deep in the throes of being a mommy to Addy {Feb 2011}. Breonna spends the typical 9-5 doing yadda yadda yadda at her job {yes, it’s that nondescript and uninteresting}. She started blogging as a way to do movie reviews, but that gave way to pregnancy blogging. She eventually landed her own space of the internet on BreWrites as well as on Twitter and Instagram {@brewrites} where she talks about everything from the sassiness of her child, to the most recent concert tickets she got her hands on, to the occasional piece of short fiction.


  1. This post was just adorable. Maybe I’m hormonal but I may just have shed a few tears over these sweet moments. What a great mom you are!

  2. Addy continues to kill me with her sunglasses and tiara in the ice cream shop! Haha! I love that you are starting that tradition with her. She is going to remember it, just like you did!

  3. First of all, LOVE you and Addy and your ice cream dates. I always saw your pics floating around on social media, and now they are that much more special to me since I know the background story too. As for me and Hayes, we head to the local froyo shop about once a week too. Just me and him, and we leave my hubs and the baby behind. I look forward to those times so much, and I think (hope!) he does too. Looking forward to Hadley getting bigger and finding something special for us to do together – mani/pedis maybe??? 😉

  4. Yup, I teared up! My Grandparents would pick me up from school and always take me somewhere after wards to have a treat while they drank coffee. I try to do fun stuff like that with P now. We will go Skylander hunting or get ice cream, I love those moments!

  5. Love this! it was perfect timing for my post on Saturday so I linked back to yours. Great minds! Can’t wait to do little dates like this with Jack when he is older.

  6. My Grandma always took me for a sundae at McDonald’s when she picked me up!

    We do a lot of park dates because we both enjoy it.


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