And “Mother of the Year” Goes To…

Mom of the Year AwardWe’ve all done it.  It’s a part of parenthood.  Sometimes it’s just necessary to be…well, a little less than honest with our children.  It’s for their own good after all.  Right?

This all started a couple weeks ago when we went out to eat with my family.  My two year old has her molars coming in and has been a finicky eater lately.  So I packed a lunch kit of foods I knew she’d eat.  And I may have represented a healthy oatmeal bar to her as a cookie.  Maybe.  I mean, she ate it, right?  It’s better than her not eating at all.

Anyway, so I realized that I must not be alone.  I put a call out to all of my mommy friends for their Mommy Confessions.  I find it interesting that my own mom was silent on the topic, but the rest of y’all had some doozies!


Some of you have a sweet tooth…

I tell Abby she can’t have candy before bed – yet I’m munching on candy after she goes to bed. -DC

I told my kiddos that the chocolate cake sitting on the counter was only for pregnant mommies…and they believed it! -JB

I used to only buy Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups because my son didn’t like them. Then he developed a taste for them. -SS

I eat ice cream after my son goes to bed so that he won’t see it and then want some. -CL

I sometimes wait for my boys to go to bed so I can eat my oreos just so they don’t ask. -AB

I wait until the kids are asleep to eat any dessert so I don’t have to share. -ST

Some of you use a little bribery…

I bribe my kids to take naps with Oreos. -AW

For homework I bribe them with Starburst. Every few words/lines/problems gets one. -AB

Sometimes I give my kids lollipops to distract them so that I can finish just one. more. email. -KD

Some of you just need your rest…

I tell my son that I have to rest my eyes {take a power nap} for 15 minutes so I can see better while we play. -CV

If I need a power nap, I turn on a tv show – and if they still bug me, I hide under a blanket. -LP

Some of you are just devious {and we like it}…

With 3 babies in 4.5 yrs, I told my babies that mommies could see through walls. They believed me for years! -LB

I tell my daughter Maggie Moos is closed so we can eat ice cream at Baskin Robbins. -TP

I told my children Chuck E Cheese’s had mice {and that mice are gross} so that we don’t have to visit the chaos zone! They believed my fear of eating where mice reside until about a year ago. -WF

If the kids really want to go somewhere or do something, and I’m not up for it or I know we don’t have time, I lie. Sometimes I just don’t want to deal with the inevitable meltdown, so I tell them that said place is closed. On varying days, the pool has been closed, Chick Fil A has been closed, HEB is closed, and sometimes even the library. -MC

I told my kid that the ice cream truck is a music truck. It just drives around and plays music. Now that we have a little baby we fuss about that silly music truck trying to wake up all the babies… -ES

I told my kids I’m allergic to milk so I don’t have to drink it when I’m forcing them to. -CR

We have our oldest son believing that the light on his smoke detector in his bedroom is a camera! -LM

The kids and I are known to wear our pajamas ALL. DAY. LONG. but then hurriedly get dressed and fix our hair when we get the call that dad is on his way home so he thinks we have been productive members of society. -KD

Sometimes, it’s just for the best…

Oh. And the tooth fairy only takes super clean teeth. She won’t pay for dirty teeth so ya gotta brush them often! -EW

I eat high carb snacks in my car when I arrive at the office so my diabetic daughter doesn’t cry. -MS

I lie to my kids about food – because otherwise, they would survive on air alone. {“What’s that, you want mac ‘n cheese for dinner for the 4659th time in a row? Okay, well here is some *special* mac ‘n cheese just for you…” as I hand them over a bowl with pureed squash mixed in.} -KD

It’s time to speak up, Houston!  What are YOUR Mommy Confessions?  Add them into the comments below or share them on social media for everyone to see!



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