Myth Busting :: Breaking Down Your Top 3 Concerns About Botox

I have been a personal trainer for over 15 years, but there is one thing that working out can’t fix :: wrinkles! While aging is a normal part of life, Botox and fillers are a wonderful option for taking preventative measures. For me, the lines on my forehead and the laugh lines on the outsides of my eyes {crows feet, if you will} have become more prominent in recent years. Perhaps having three kids is taking a toll on me. I decided to seek the help from the experts at New Look Aesthetics, and now I’m a patient for life.  They took their time to answer all my questions, and I’m excited to share  a few reasons why when it comes to Botox and Fillers, you have nothing to fear. 


Common Concerns

There are three common concerns many have about Botox and Fillers ::

1. “I don’t want to look like a different person afterwards.”

Have no fear :: I assure you that your husband and your children will recognize you when you come home from your appointment.  In fact, my {very observant} husband usually never even notices. {Sorry, babe!} Before a needle is ever placed anywhere near your face, you will have a thorough 15-20 minute {or longer if needed} consultation in their beautiful aesthetics room to discuss your personal goals for the treatment. This is the perfect time to explain to your RN if you would like to start with the least amount of change, the maximum, or anything in between. Your RN will give recommendations based on your personal aesthetics and caringly talk you through the whole process. Botox can take up to a week for the full effects to be visible, and if at that time you are not 100% satisfied or need a touch-up, New Look Aesthetics is more than happy to bring you back in for complimentary fixes.

2. “I don’t want to look like this forever.”

Have no fear :: Botox is not permanent. In fact, it only lasts between 3 to 6 months, depending on your personal metabolism. Fillers {Juvederm} can last up to a year. You’ll know you are ready to come back in for your next procedure when you start to see lines or wrinkles again. At that time, all you’ll need to do is call into the office or visit New Look’s website to book your next appointment.


3. “I’m not sure I want a random person putting needles in my face.”

Have no fear :: This was my personal biggest fear, so I hear ya, sister! At New Look Aesthetics, you’re treated by a Registered Nurse. They’ve not only had extensive training in how to administer injections, but also where to place the injections for your best aesthetic appearance. At New Look, Sal does my Botox and Lip Injections. He sees hundreds of patients a week and meets them right at your comfort level. He’s friendly, patient, and very knowledgeable.  The team at New Look have over 15 years of experience combined and have seen thousands of patients throughout those years.  You can be rest assured that you are in good hands.  


Details and Pricing 

 In addition to Botox and Fillers, New Look Aesthetics also specializes in::

Laser Tattoo Removal
Laser Hair Removal
Laser Fungus Removal
Sunspot Removal
Medical Facials
Skincare products

They have convenient hours :: 9am-6pm TuesdayFriday and 8am-4pm Saturday. 
These are the prices for some of the services at New Look Aestheics. Be sure to check out their specials and promotions!

 Regular Pricing ::

Botox:: $11 per unit
Juvederm Ultra:: $550 per syringe
Juvederm Ultra Plus:: $550 per syringe
Voluma:: $750 per syringe
Vollure:: $700 per syringe
Vobella:: $550 per syringe

Intro Specials {Can be redeemed only on Saturday, April 28th}::

  ** Specials cannot be combined ; use referral code HoustonMoms when booking.**
  • Purchase any filler and get 20 units of Botox FREE!!! {$220 value}
  • Purchase any filler and get one skinpen treatment FREE!!! {$250 value}
  • Bring a friend and each will get $100 off any one syringe if you each purchase.
  • Bring a friend and each will get $9/unit of Botox {minimum purchase of 30 units required by each person.}
 **They will also offer everyone referral specials for future purchases.
Now that your concerns have been addressed, to book an appointment at New Look Aesthetics, click HERE
There are a lot of fly-by-night medspas that open, sell packages, and close, leaving clients with incomplete treatments and unusable session with no sign of money being returned. New Look Aesthetics is different. They’ve earned a solid reputations since opening in 2007. Make your appointment today!

What are some of your favorite procedures for keeping your skin vibrant and youthful?

From New Look :: Since opening in 2007, New Look Houston has put safety above all else. We truly believe that patient safety coupled with setting honest expectations has helped us grow throughout the years. We heavily rely on word of mouth and referral which would not be possible if we did not deliver results. We want you to know that we are overseen by a medical director and each patient goes through a medical evaluation process with a medical professional, meeting all of the standards set by Texas Code 193.17.

We thank New Look Aesthetics for sponsoring this post and busting several top myths/concerns about Botox and other filler procedures.
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Hilary was born in Bryan / College Station to a Texas A&M family, but moved to Houston with her family before starting grade school. She grew up in various areas around Houston before attending The University of Houston where she was a proud Cougar cheerleader. {However, she swears she bleeds maroon!} She got married at a young age and had two beautiful boys, Bryce {May 2006} and Brayden {July 2007}. Although her marriage ended after only 4 years, Hilary and her ex-husband pride themselves in their co-parent skills. As a single mom, Hilary worked long days in the fitness industry as a personal trainer and boot camp business owner. So it’s no surprise that she met her now husband Cody at a local fitness competition. They got married in 2014 and balanced out their home by bringing little charismatic Zoë into the world in March 2016 - just before moving to Fulshear where they have planted their roots. Now, you can usually find Hilary screaming on the sidelines at her sons' football games or researching marketing tips. {She claims to have missed her calling in marketing, but here she is now!} She also loves coffee, wine, and family movie nights.


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