New Year’s Resolutions From Houston Moms Blog

At the beginning of 2015, I did what most people do:  I made New Year’s resolutions.  My goal was to be able to wear a bikini this summer.  As it turns out, I like wine and chocolate way too much to meet that goal.  So as 2016 creeped closer and I still fought those last few pounds, I decided this year would be different.  I’m throwing away the weight loss goals {although my health is still important}, and instead, I’m focusing on more important goals, like being more present for my family.

I’m also committing to doing a better job of rolling with the punches.  It seems like every plan I made for 2015 fell through – or exploded spectacularly.  So in 2016 I’m going to accept that life may not go the way I want, and I’m not going to let the stress and anxiety overcome me.  I may struggle, but I won’t let it affect my life or my family.

The ladies at Houston Moms Blog chimed in with their New Year’s resolutions too…

  • Mine is to survive!  But really, it’s to stop being on my phone so much.  I’m addicted. – Mandy
  • Get just one step ahead! – Sarah
  • Mine is “Be Still.” Really, it’s beyond the religious “be still and know that I am God.” It’s “be still” — take in the quiet moments, the ones that don’t seem significant but then have the most meaning as you reflect. Be still. Revel in the moment. Cherish the little things. Be still and take time for ME. Read a book, take a bath, etc. – Meagan
  • Not be so uptight when it comes to crafts/messes. At this point, play doh is pushing it in our house! – Jill
  • Enjoy more slow quiet mornings with my younger two {after big kid drop-off, that is}. No need to rush to errands or play dates. Soon enough I will be back at work or they will be in school themselves. We need a season to just be. – Jenn
  • To make more time for things I want to do. I haven’t seen enough movies, read enough books, or binged enough TV this year. I need to say, “Go entertain yourself. I’m busy reading.” – Bre’onna
  • I personally don’t believe in resolutions {bah hum bug}, but something I started doing recently that’s similar – keeping a gratitude log. I log 3 specific things that happened that day that I’m grateful for. It’s been a good exercise so far. – Kristine
  • Mine is to prioritize my husband and our quality time together. Don’t wait for him to plan a date night but take matters into my own hands and just book the sitter. – Brittney
  • To spend less time on my phone and really be present when playing with my kids instead of mentally going over my to-do list. – Jana
  • We found a used, large {large enough for my bootie to comfortably be on} swing set and playhouse to put in our backyard for the kids for Christmas — installer should be finishing up as we speak! This sounds so silly, but I’ve already told myself that I want to be intentional about playing on it with my kids. Sliding, swinging, climbing up to the highest deck with them, having picnics on the picnic table that is in the playhouse, etc. I might be more excited than they are. – Tiffanie
  • To celebrate the small things that my kids do. I did such a good job when they were little of making a big deal out of every milestone – big or small. Now that they are older, I seem to forget that sometimes little things are even more significant because they’ve had to go against the norm to work things out, or they’ve truly accomplished something completely on their own without my help. The tween/teen years are hard. Kids probably need way more celebrating now than when they were little! – Stephanie
  • Make an effort to spend quality time with extended family and long distance friends. This means I need to be more relaxed about traveling with the kids! We will survive!!! – Andrea
  • I’m going to try to keep my house filled with people this year. Sometimes I let the anxiety of the dinner/birthday/party/hang-out prep get in the way of this, but this year I’m going to let it go. The more the merrier all year long! – Jessica
  • Find *true* happiness within. – Kelly

As I read through these resolutions from women I respect so much, I realize that I’m not alone.  We’re all in this together, and we may not be fighting the same exact battles, but we can relate to one another.  I’m so honored to be a Houston mom.

HMB Team 3

What are your 2016 resolutions?


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