An Open Letter to the Overlooked Dad on Father’s Day

Dear Overlooked Dad,

First off let me just say, I am sorry that your holiday holds nothing in comparison to Mother’s Day. I think we can all agree that the two aren’t even in the same atmosphere, and well that just sucks! I am sorry that your holiday really carries the ol’ saying, “One bad apple ruins the whole bunch.” All because some fathers have royally screwed up at even slightly resembling a dad, and therefore Father’s Day has to be tiptoed around like a field full of land mines.

However, being in a profession that has allowed me to work first hand with all types of families for the last 12 years, I want you to know I see you.

I see how unlike some other men, you decided to stay engaged, live selfless, and not squander the fact that having the title Dad, is a big deal, in fact, the BIGGEST DEAL you will ever land.

I see you week in and week out carrying your kids into church, holding your wife’s hand, and building community with those around you.

I see you coaching sports teams, going to dance recitals, and attempting ponytails.

I see you in your full suit at the awards program to watch your fourth grader get an award that took roughly 4.5 seconds, just to rush off to work and sit in 45 minutes of traffic that could have been avoided had you just skipped the awards ceremony.

I see you cheering in the stands until you are hoarse, and I watch your kid’s face light up when they get to tell all their friends that their dad is helping in their classroom today!

I see you investing in the lives of other kids because you know not all dads are present, and that is not the child’s fault, nor does it dismiss the fact that they need positive male role models.

I see you making sacrifices for your family and skipping promotions at work because the extra money is not worth the time you would be away from your family.

I see you taking your wife out on dates because it is important to you to illustrate to your son how to respect women and to your daughter how women should be respected.

I see with painted fingernails because the day before you had the most epic tea party ever with the cutest 5-year-old little girl and forgot to take the nail polish off {or better yet, just didn’t care}.

Unfortunately, I have also witnessed the damaging effects of those left behind from the fathers that have not approached their role with the same devotion you have, and I am here to say I no longer want those men to overshadow YOU!

Because bro, you are killing it!

And, you deserve to be celebrated this Father’s Day! So please don’t feel like this day needs to be downplayed. Despite the fact that there are some truly terrible dads out there, you are not one of them, and we thank you for that! I’ll leave you with this from one of the best dads I know: “Your family is the greatest sermon you will ever preach.” If that is the case, then go ahead drop the mic and exit stage left.


Jenny Jones

P.S. – Here’s to one of the many men in my life that you would be in good company with…

An Open Letter to the Overlooked Dad on Father's Day | Houston Moms Blog

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