Why Podcasts are Perfect for Busy Moms

Until a few years ago, I had heard of podcasts, but really never knew exactly what they were or how to listen to them. Then Serial gained the attention of the mainstream, and I decided to give listening to it a try. I was immediately hooked.

Why Podcasts Are Perfect for Busy Moms | Houston Moms Blog

These days, podcasts are my main source of media entertainment for several reasons:

  1. I multitask as I listen. Unlike television, where I’m basically confined to one room in order to watch a show, I listen to podcast shows on my phone as I prep dinner, wash dishes, and even grocery shop. I just pop in my earbuds and go. And the vast majority of podcasts are free!
  2. I feel connected to the hosts. Most of the shows I listen to are hosted by women who love to interact with their listeners on social media. It’s fun to continue the conversations started on the shows with the hosts and other listeners. This summer, I was able to attend a live event of one of my favorite shows, The Happy Hour, and even got the opportunity to be interviewed by the host, Jamie Ivey.
  3. I learn a ton and laugh a ton. I balance my podcast feed with shows that are more lighthearted and funny with those that are more serious and informative.

Podcast 101

If you are new to podcasts and don’t know where to start, here are some tips I’ve picked up:

  1. If you have an iPhone or iPad, the newer operating systems have a native podcast app. Just go to the little purple app, search for the show you want, and start listening. It’s that easy. There are also other podcasting apps like Stitcher and Overcast available. How you listen is totally personal preference.
  2. Whatever app you choose to use to listen, be sure you subscribe to the shows you want to listen to on a regular basis. This is similar to subscribing to a blog or email newsletter, and ensures you never miss an episode.
  3. If you find you don’t have time to listen to everything you want to listen to {So many great shows! So little time!}, try listening on 1.5x speed, especially if you are listening to a more entertaining, lighthearted show. Yes, it takes a little getting used to, but you can power through a lot of material in a short amount of time.
  4. Check out the show notes after you listen to an episode. Most podcasts have a blog or webpage where they post show notes, which are short posts highlighting important points and links mentioned in the show. A few months ago, I bought some summer sandals because they were mentioned on one of my favorite podcasts. I just went to the show notes, clicked on the link, and minutes later I had them ordered.
  5. Connect with the hosts and other listeners on social media to enhance your listening experience. I just love the internet and the opportunities it provides to connect with people all over the world.

Top Podcasts for Moms

There are literally THOUSANDS of podcasts in existence covering every possible topic you could imagine. {My recent Hamilton obsession has been fueled by The Hamilcast, a podcast diving deep into all things related to the smash hit musical.} Although I am adding new shows to my playlist each week,  the following list are five of my favorite podcasts for moms in this busy season of life.

Sorta Awesome :: Host Megan Tietz chats it up each week with one of three rotating cohosts, and all four of these ladies are so likeable and relatable. Each show focuses on a theme; sometimes the themes are serious, such as dealing with anxiety or the misconceptions of homelessness, and other times they are more lighthearted, like beauty tips and reality television. Each episode starts with an “Awesome of the Week,” which is something {a book, other podcast, piece of technology, recipe, etc.} each host finds awesome.  The podcast also has a Facebook group for its listeners to connect with each other and the hosts.

The Popcast :: Hosted by Jamie Golden and Knox McCoy, this weekly podcast brings insight and humor into all things pop culture. Jamie and Knox have such a great chemistry and have me laughing out loud several times each episode. They are also active on social media and interact a lot with their listeners on Instagram.

The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey :: Jamie chats with a different woman each week about life, faith, motherhood, and books. Just like the name suggests, each episode is really like listening in to two women’s conversation at a happy hour. Jamie’s guests are all women with inspirational stories who are using their gifts and talents to make huge impacts in the world. Jamie also talks a lot about her own life, which gives her listeners feel even more connected to her and her show.

The Longest Shortest Time :: Hosted by Hillary Frank, this podcast features diverse stories about parenting.  Hillary finds the most interesting guests with unique approaches and experiences with parenting. One of my favorite episodes {#62} was the story of a woman who worked as a makeup artist for the traveling Broadway show Wicked, where she took her child on the road with her.

The Big Boo Cast :: Fans of Melanie Shankle {The Big Mama Blog} and Sophie Hudson {Boo Mama} will love when these two authors/bloggers pair up for an episode of their podcast. These two have been podcasting together since 2007, and listening to them chat is exactly like listening to two girlfriends chat on the phone. They manage to make the mundane absolutely hilarious, and never tire of discussions of mascara, college football, and the perfect party dip.

Do you listen to any podcasts for moms? What shows are on your must-listen list?

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Elizabeth was raised in Houston and met her husband Ryan shortly after graduating from Texas A&M with a journalism degree. A few years later, Grayson {Sept 2010}, turned Elizabeth’s world upside down, not only with his sparkling blue eyes and killer smile, but with his profound disabilities and diagnosis of Mitochondrial Disease. After two years of navigating the world of special needs parenting, Elizabeth and Ryan were blessed with Charlotte {Jan 2013} and Nolan {Sept 2015}, perfectly completing their party of five. Elizabeth and her crew live in Katy, and when she can steal a few moments for herself, she can be found out for Mexican food and margaritas with girlfriends, binge-listening to podcasts and audiobooks, or trying once again {unsuccessfully} to organize her closet. In addition to her role as Managing Editor of HMB, Elizabeth writes about faith, politics and special needs parenting for publications like Scary Mommy and HuffPost.You can connect with Elizabeth on Facebook,Twitter, Instagram, or ElizabethKBaker.com


  1. I whole heartedly agree!! I too love listening to a lot of these!!

    by design with Lyn and Dannette is a fav for me! ☺️Www.bydesignpodcast.com

    I’d love to know what you think about it! It’s about encouragement for your heart and home.

  2. Yes yes yes! I love podcasts! KERA’s Think is a must-listen for Texans, and the Nutrition Diva is also a favorite. My husband and I just wrapped up a local Fort Worth podcast as well, and he’s hosted several at http://onthego.fm. Great post!

  3. So glad to see this post!! I feel exactly the same as you-podcasts are fantastic for multitasking. My kids are getting into them too! Their favorite is Story Pirates. I love Death, Sex & Money, How to Be Amazing with Michael Ian Black, and so many more! I review podcasts and make recommendations if you’re looking for somewhere to start! Thanks for posting your faves.


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