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I’ve been hearing about “electronics” from my 11-year old since she was in the second grade. It was about that time that her peers began accumulating electronic tablets, Kindles, and gaming devices. More recently, she’s been pleading for a phone. But I’ve been conflicted! How much is too much? How do you expose your kids to all the future holds without spoiling them, not to mention taking away that dreamy part of childhood called “imaginative play”?

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So, during that second grade year, my husband and I agreed that she could borrow our devices to stay “with it” when it comes to technology. Now in fifth grade {and with another in second}, we’re still re-evaluating our tech choices all the time. So I was delighted to find an exciting new app-based play experience from our sponsors at PopUp Play — just in time for holiday 2015 — that will expose my kids to high tech AND imaginative play.

PopUp Play let us build a customized fiberboard castle on an iPad app called the “PopUp Play Build Lab.” When assembled, it’s 4′ x 4′. {And there’s also a gingerbread house that’s available until New Years, and I just learned there’s a rocket ship coming out in 2016.}

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Once we downloaded the Build Lab app, I watched the kids become mini-engineers and design their own castle. They discussed where to place the drawbridge and windows, how many towers to install {three–they each have their own room + a guest bedroom for me. So kind!}, and where to place the lamplight and ivy graphics.

They designed and ordered on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, and the castle arrived the following Monday. I let me daughter assemble most of it, although I popped in for some final help. Now they are focusing on coloring the exterior and playing. It’s their new fort, playhouse, or whatever they want it to be!

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What I loved about the PopUp Play experience is how it combined an online and an offline experience for us to enjoy together. It let my kids tool around online which they love, but then got them offline to start imagining which I love! It exposes them to the possibilities our future holds with 3-D printing, computer programming, and more.  And while it’s targeted to kids aged 3-9, my older kids enjoyed the entire process this toy facilitates.

After all, if you’re not “in the know” with the high tech world, you’re falling behind. Yet, if you haven’t developed the creative side of your brain, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to invent the next coolest idea in high-tech!  So for me, PopUp Play is a great combination.

Learn more about PopUp Play, and then enter below for your chance to win a Custom Playscape too!

For ages 3-9.
Build Lab is free on the Apple App store. Android version coming in 2016.
Each playscape is $99 plus a flat $10 for shipping. 
Watch the video and learn more at

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Please Note :: While this may be a sponsored post, we are beyond thrilled to be partnering together with PopUp Play to provide more info and giveaway a custom playscape to one lucky reader!


  1. Awesome idea! I have 4 year old twins that love to build forts, castles, tents and much more using furniture, blankets, boxes, etc. I know they would love to use the iPad to design something together and watch it come to life.This would blow them away!

  2. My DD and her friends will love crawling and coloring all over this. We tried a CVS cardboard mini one, which lasted a month, then a large long box we all decorated as Elmo’s house. That one lasted two months before being torn to toddler bits!

    Can’t wait to try this one!


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