Simple Tips for Post-Game Snacks for Kids

After a quick polling of my friends, it’s clear that not many are jumping up and down in excitement just ready to sign up for team snacks. Our culture has made it a necessary evil. But hey, I have fond memories of halftime orange slices and a capri sun from someone’s ice chest. Kids live for these things, and among the goals scored, knees bruised, and championships won, the post-game snacks are often right up there in the sports memory bank.

So we pick a date. You might be on team “volunteer the first game so no one can compare your snacks to anything else,” or perhaps team “wait it out until the end of the season and take your clues from other other parents.” Or maybe you fall somewhere in the middle. Regardless of your place in post-game snack hierarchy, it’s best to remember the old adage KISS {Yep, keep is simple…and let’s go with…safe. We don’t need to walk around calling ourselves stupid, amiright?}

And while you are there keeping it simple, consider doing just that with these tips…

Simple Tips for Post-Game Snacks for Kids | Houston Moms Blog

Pocketbook Simple

You don’t have to burst the budget with prepackaged, individual servings. Take a note from the prepackaged snack packs in the produce section and create your own. Grab some snack-sized ziplocks, and have each player grab one with cheese squares, another with pretzels, and another with a handful of grapes, and you are set.

Kid-Friendly Simple

Whether a five-year-old running off the field from an intense game of t-ball or a fourteen-year-old leaving his first JV football game, kids’ needs are pretty simple: rehydrate and reenergize to keep on going! Put your packaging skills to work and have snacks ready to distribute easily. Ziplock bags, brown paper sacks, and even cardboard take-out boxes make great containers, depending on the type of post-game snack you are handing out. And if you find yourself the Pinterest Mom in the bunch, go ahead and decorate those snack bags with sporty stickers, cut-outs, and ribbon!

Nutrition Made Simple

Don’t get me wrong; by simple I don’t mean lacking. We know that kids need fuel to keep going which is why I was so excited to discover our sponsors at BODYARMOR SuperDrink.   Along with some healthy snacks, toss in a bottle of BODYARMOR, and continue with your Saturday, the kids’ weeknight homework, or the next games in a tournament. Made with a coconut water base and natural flavors and sweeteners, BODYARMOR is low in salt and actually higher in potassium than any other sports drinks out there, just the nutrition to power on your athlete. There are no artificial ingredients, and this sports drink is packed with Vitamins A, C, and E which makes the moms in the crowd go wild!

Simple and Safe

You can’t be too safe with allergies these days. Don’t forget to ask if any kids on the team have allergies, and be sure to let your coaches and team moms know if your child has any allergies. Your best bet is providing body-fueling, yummy post game snacks that avoid common allergy ingredients altogether.

And while considering safety, keep the logistics – meaning the car ride home and time of day – in mind. Does every member of the t-ball team need to go home with a container of pudding after the game? Or do 7-year-olds really need 3 varieties of sugary snacks at 8pm? Keep it simple — clementines, cheese-sticks, pretzels, grapes, or nut-free granola bars. Pair any of those with a bottle of BODYARMOR which is gluten-free, nut-free, and caffeine-free, and you will be known as the mom with the cool snacks each season!

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Please Note :: While this may be a sponsored post, all thoughts, opinions, and snack ideas are proudly my own.

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