My Secrets for a Great Smelling Home

My Secrets for a Great Smelling Home | Houston Moms Blog

A few weeks ago, I took my first trip by myself . . . with the kids. Me and them. I was somewhat nervous leaving my husband behind to manage the home front, so each evening after the kids and I gallivanted around Pittsburgh {you read it right!}, we checked in with Daddy via FaceTime. During our little visual chats, I would ask, “Can you show us the pizza you made for dinner?” or “Can we say, ‘hi’ to Disco?”

And while such questions may have seemed innocent enough, my intentions were admittedly un-pure. As much as I love Disco, our cat, I really just needed a reason for Daddy to get off the couch and move around the house with his camera phone. Why? So that from 1,300 miles away I could survey any Daddy Destruction. Was there a pile of laundry across the floor? Aluminum cans on the counter? Golf clubs in the corner as evidence of him having fun while I was away with both kids?

Secretly, I’ve always wanted to be a spy, so I employed my best investigative techniques, yet they yielded, much to my dismay and shock…nothing.  The house seemed to be in order.

After having a few such conversations, I put very little thought into the aftermath of our return.

Until . . . I opened the back door. The stench coming from my house was repulsive. I stepped back. I gagged. I may have thrown up a little in my mouth.

“What?” My husband asked upon witnessing my display of horror.

“What’s that smell?” I choked.

“What smell?”

Was he kidding me? How could he not notice the smell, the stench coming from the laundry room.

“Did you change the cat litter while we were gone?” I interrogated, sprinting to the litter box to scoop up any evidence before it was tampered with.

Poking my head in, I found nothing. Not one single dropping.

Could it be I had gone nose blind? I no longer smelled my own home? After being away for a week, was I smelling what my friends smelled every time they walked through my door?  Panicked, I hopped on the Internet searching for stench remedies. Many air fresheners, I soon learned, contain carcinogens. Fresh air just didn’t seem worth the risk.

My Secrets for a Great Smelling Home | Houston Moms BlogAnd then I discovered our partners at Enviroscent, made with natural ingredients.

To eliminate the strongest stench in the laundry room, I placed wild-lavender scented Bed & Bath Sticks near the source of the cat litter. The more you use, the stronger the smell – so I used all four in the pack!  And to greet any guests as they enter my home, I put a bowl in my entry with their Home Bursts {although they can be placed in an electric warmer as well}.

These products have become my little {not-so-secret} secret.  My friends now come into my home and automatically comment on how clean and fresh it smells.  And not in an overpowering and obnoxious way either.  Of course, since Enviroscent uses only the purest fragrance oils, free of solvents and all of the other unnecessary chemicals typically found in plug-ins and aerosols, I am happy to let them in on my little secrets and share my tips with them.  Plus, I am now confident my home doesn’t smell like cats – which is always a good thing too.

My Secrets for a Great Smelling Home | Houston Moms BlogAlthough my mission was to cover the stench in my home, the scent of Enviroscents are addicting, so I hung an AutoStick from my car for good measure.  I’ve got Paradise Breeze now to welcome me into summer, but I’m looking forward to the Amber Woods once we segue into fall.  But no matter the scent, it is masking the smell of Chick-Fil-A and sweaty kids perfectly.

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Please Note :: While this may be a sponsored post, the story is real and the opinions are my own!


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