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I love cake.  Like, LOVE love cake.  In a previous life, I was a wedding planner…and I admit that tasting cakes was one of the largest perks of my job.  So when I heard that one of the Houston Moms Blog contributors got to try out some cake, I shoved the rest of them out of the way while shouting “MEEEEEE!” politely volunteered my services.

Next, I spent some time perusing Smash Cakery‘s website.  I love all of the original designs and Lindsey’s motto – “Cheap cake ain’t good, and good cake ain’t cheap.”  Despite Lindsey’s obvious design talents, I honestly expected to receive a generic buttercream cake for the review.  Little did I know, just a yummy cake isn’t enough for this local mama.  She cares about the full experience.  So I was absolutely blown away when Lindsey delivered this gorgeous Houston Moms Blog cake ::

Smash Cakery

I cannot imagine a more perfect representation of Houston Moms Blog.  She included our signature logo AND the intricate Houston skyline!  When you add in the moist red velvet cake with cream cheese filling – this cake was to die for!  There is no way you can get a cake of this caliber at your local grocery store.  And I know you are probably thinking there is no way that it can get any better than this too.  But it does…  Smash Cakery also makes the most perfect couture cookies you will ever see!  These gorgeous {and oh-so-delicious} cookies would be ideal as goodies for a baby shower…or as treats for a birthday party…or even as a holiday gift for the ones you love.  The possibilities are endless when it comes to these cakes and cookies!

So I bet you are wondering – who is this magical mama who can create such beautiful things?  Well, here’s a little about Lindsey {in her own words} ::

I am a self taught professional home-based baker, operating legally from my home under HB970 (Texas Cottage Food Law).  I left my dream career {staffing} after five years, to stay home with my newborn son.  In the search for creative fulfillment, I found cake artistry.  I LOVE helping families design their dream cake for that special event, and love watching a creation come to life.  I’m pretty sure this is my dream calling.

It’s always been my experience that the best person to do the job is the person who loves their job!  Lindsey certainly fits the bill.

And since it’s never too soon to begin planning my daughter’s 2nd birthday party, I couldn’t help but check out her celebration cakes

Smash Cakery Castle Cake Smash Cakery Paris Cake Smash Cakery Circus Cake Smash Cakery Nautical ThemeSmash Cakery Elmo Cake

ALL of Lindsey’s designs are flawless and absolutely creative!  While these cakes would all make adorable kid’s birthday party cakes, I couldn’t imagine a better design for my little princess than the castle!  Which one would you choose for your next big event??

Oh, and guess what…

Houston Moms Blog readers will get 10% off their orders with Smash Cakery – just mention HMB!

I sincerely hope you stopped reading this post a few minutes ago and are already picking out a cake or cookie design for your next big event.  But if you haven’t, make the hop now and check out Smash Cakery’s website, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter!

[hr] Please Note :: This is a sponsored post…but all of us over here at Houston Moms Blog truly LOVE Smash Cakery, and all thoughts and opinions are proudly my own.



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