5 T’s for a Stress-Free Toddler Haircut {+ Exclusive Coupon}

Houston Moms Blog is excited to partner with Birds Barbershop through this sponsored post. We hope you and your family will visit them for your next haircut too!

When I first started taking the twins for haircuts, I’m not sure who was more stressed :: me, the kiddos, or the stylist. Lord. I mean, it’s just HAIR, right?! But it’s HAIR. And a lot of us have emotional attachments to it … especially to their children’s. I still remember the day my mom took me for a hair cut. I had a long, beautifully thick ponytail and wanted a trim. A trim. I’ll never forget when the stylist literally put my hair into a low pony and then CHOPPED THAT THING OFF. Trauma, drama. It ended up being a cute little bob, but still.

So of course, I wanted to make sure that my kiddos never had that experience. Thank goodness for amazing salons that understand the emotions of haircuts, plus the desire to make a haircut an “experience” versus just a chore that must be done. Huge difference. Enter Birds Barbershop, originally out of Austin with 8 locations currently, and now open in the heart of the Houston Heights. {BONUS :: Read to the end to snag a $5 off coupon for your next haircut at Birds. #winning!}  They were voted “Best Barbershop” by the Austin Chronicle for the past 11 years and one of the top 100 salons by ELLE magazine.  But my favorite thing about them?  That they cater to the entire family — and it’s not just a slice and dice salon; it’s a high-quality haircut or color service for mom, dad, AND kiddos.  

Yes, you read that right.  It’s a full service salon for the whole fam bam … even the wiggliest of toddlers – which we know is no easy feat!  I wish that someone would have sat me down and given me a few tips before I took my twins for that very first {STRESSFUL!} haircut. So today, along with the pros from Birds Barbershop, I’m sharing some tips and tricks that just might help you…

5 T's for a Stress-Free Toddler Haircut {+ Exclusive Coupon} | Houston Moms Blog

The 5 T’s to a Stress-Free Toddler Haircut :: 

  1. Timing :: Make sure to bring little ones in earlier in the day so they aren’t tired or fussy in the chair.  Or if your kiddo is an early napper, then right after nap would be a great time too. Also, be sure they’ve eaten a meal or snack so they don’t get “hangry” during their cut. Feel me on this, mamas?! Hangry is a bad place for all of us!
  2. Team :: Show your child how easy and fun it is to get a cut by getting one yourself! They will see that it doesn’t hurt, and we all know little ones love to mimic Mommy and Daddy.
  3. Technology :: If they tend to move around a lot, bring a smartphone or iPad that you {the parent} can hold so their head stays still while the stylist does the snipping.
  4. Tools :: For the first couple of cuts, go with scissors over clippers in case your child gets nervous with having a buzzing sound near their head. {I adore this tip — my son used to be scared to death of the clippers. Later he found out they “tickled,” but it took time to get to that point.}
  5. Treats :: Encourage your child to be good by offering a treat, such as a lollipop {Birds has tons for kids!} or a popsicle {conveniently available next door at Steel City Pops} – after their cut if they are well behaved. No shame in bribery sometimes, amiright?

And as a bonus tip, try making haircuts a part of your “Sunday Funday” for the whole family! Newsflash :: Haircuts don’t have to be a chore, it doesn’t have to be stressful, and it can be TONS of fun! How so? Well, our contributor Jenny visited Birds just this past Sunday and was able to pack in an afternoon away from the ‘burbs in the heart of the hip Heights! Here’s how she made it way more than a chore…

Fun for the Adults ::  Guests over 21 are treated to a complimentary Shiner beer at Birds. Need we say more?

5 T's for a Stress-Free Toddler Haircut {+ Exclusive Coupon} | Houston Moms Blog

Convenience :: Walk in or call ahead of time to be placed on the “day-of” wait list. Calling ahead is a fantastic way to get faster service or book your absolute fave stylist for the day.

5 T's for a Stress-Free Toddler Haircut {+ Exclusive Coupon} | Houston Moms Blog

One Stop Shop :: Get color and/or cuts for the ENTIRE family. That’s huge! When you’re a busy mom, trying to schedule appointments with a women’s stylist … then a barbershop for the boys … then a kid’s salon for the girls … well, that’s just too much. One stop shop with excellence?  Yes, please.

5 T's for a Stress-Free Toddler Haircut {+ Exclusive Coupon} | Houston Moms Blog

^^ BEFORE ^^

5 T's for a Stress-Free Toddler Haircut {+ Exclusive Coupon} | Houston Moms Blog

^^ AFTER ^^

Techno :: Free wifi, vintage arcade games, and specially curated music make this place a treat for the young AND young at heart.

5 T's for a Stress-Free Toddler Haircut {+ Exclusive Coupon} | Houston Moms Blog

Reasonable Prices :: Y’all. You know haircuts, especially for multiple kiddos, can add up quick! We love how super affordable their prices are, especially for the Ladybird for the mamas {$45}, the Shortcut for the guys {$25}, and Kidcut for the littles {$20}. Throw in a popsicle from Steel City Pops and window shop around The Heights, and you’ve just had yourself an afternoon of fun with some hot new ‘dos. 

5 T's for a Stress-Free Toddler Haircut {+ Exclusive Coupon} | Houston Moms Blog

Ready to see our friends at Birds Barbershop? We sure hope so!

Birds Barbershop – The Heights {Houston}

420 E. 20th Street
Houston, TX 77008

Hours of Operation ::

MON – FRI 9am – 8pm
SAT 9am – 7pm
SUN 10am – 6pm

Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

And about that coupon…  HMB Readers get $5 off their next haircut too!

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