Taking Down There Back in Time

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It’s 2019. Let’s chat about something a little bit…personal. But if we are being honest, becoming a mother has pretty much stripped away any humility I had before giving birth. Mamas, you know what I mean. So things change. They shift. They can cause problems…down there. So is there hope? Resounding YES!

Is Vaginal Rejuvenation for Me?

Let’s face it, discussing our vaginal health and sex life can be very difficult even with our partner or physician. Often we end up searching on the Internet to learn more about treatments to correct symptoms such as vaginal looseness, urinary incontinence, or vaginal dryness. Each of these can affect our sex lives, and they frequently do. This is where I found myself!

Is Vaginal Tightening Possible?

After two children, the last weighing 8lbs., 6 oz., my vagina was definitely in need of tightening, and I had started to leak urine when I exercised. When I searched on the Internet for options, I found a group of treatments called vaginal rejuvenation.  Many of these included surgical options such as V-lifts, better known as “facelifts for the vagina”. I simply could not afford the downtime of a surgical procedure, and some of the reviews discussed a painful path to recovery. Neither of these seemed ideal. I was beginning to wonder if urinary incontinence can be reversed or if vaginal tightening treatments existed.

Then I landed on Dr. Natalie Drake’s website in The Woodlands. She talked about a new, non-surgical treatment, ThermiVA ™, that actually addressed both my vaginal looseness and urinary incontinence. Finally I felt there was hope to regain intimacy and pleasurable sex with my husband. The more I read about the ThermiVa treatment, the more confident I was that it was something I wanted to pursue.

What is ThermiVa Treatment?

My next task was to research the treatment – just exactly what is ThermiVa and how does it work? I wanted to know more about the technology, the treatment process, the results and how long ThemiVa lasts. 

How Does ThermiVa Work?

The FDA-cleared ThermiVa treatment uses a temperature controlled probe that is inserted into the vaginal canal to produce a specific amount of heat generated by radio frequency technology. Since it is controlled and adjustable, I felt that it was a safe treatment. It treats both inside and outside of the vagina, concentrating on the labia and the vaginal cavity. Because it produces heat, the tissues begin to start formation of new collagen and blood vessels are awakened. In essence, through the heating it truly uses your own body’s natural ability to stimulate new collagen, ushering in a more normal, pre-baby status.

I felt that if this treatment could offer the hope of decreasing the circumference of my vaginal canal and correcting my urinary leaking, it was a win for me. The bonus was that the ThermiVa treatments are supposed to improve sensations and lubrication. It all made perfect sense. Once I checked out the ThermiVA studies and Dr. Drake’s website and reviews I was ready to book my consultation.

What Can I Expect During the Treatment?

The tiny probe is inserted into your vagina by a nurse or physician who then begins movement of the wand in a back and forth direction. It’s really a gentle heating with the provider constantly getting your feedback on your comfort level. The increased blood flow begins immediately, and the collagen formation triggered.

What Are The Typical Results of ThermiVa Treatments?

You leave the office after the procedure and can have sex with your partner that evening. Happy patients have consistently reported immediate tightening benefits as well as a noticeable decrease in urinary incontinence and urinary leakage. Some have even discussed how their night trips to the bathroom are now non-existent.

How Many Treatments Do I Need? 

Three treatments are recommended, each about 4-6 weeks apart. I wanted to understand the rationale behind this so I went to Dr. Drake’s website and found a great blog describing the science behind the collagen formation. Basically, it describes how we have this great collagen development when we are younger, but as we age our bodies don’t keep up with the pace at which we use it.

How Long Does ThermiVa Last?

So after the first treatment, your body is beginning to make this new collagen from the radio frequency heating of your vaginal areas. It’s at the 3-6 week post-treatment mark that you need to heat the tissues again which encourages even more collagen formation. Based on studies, the third treatment ensures that the collagenesis is optimal and you have the best chance to maintain this result for a year or longer. After that, only a touch-up single treatment is necessary.

Next Steps…

I decided to throw kegels to the wind and go for it! If you need more information, make sure you check out the ThermiVa company website. Also, Dr. Natalie Drake, OB-Gyn has been practicing and doing research with the Cleveland Clinic for years prior to moving to The Woodlands. Once I reviewed her background, I knew that she was a perfect match for me. Her reviews and testimonials can be found on her website.

Dr. Drake is also hosting an open house on February 21st, 2019, so get on her email list to make sure you receive an invitation!  Her office is located at 17350 St Luke’s Way, Suite 380, The Woodlands, Texas 77384 and can be reached at (281) 402-3268 to schedule a consultation. 

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