The Childhood Milestones that Really Deserve to Be Celebrated

So we all know the “big” milestones, right? The ones that you put in your baby book {clearly, first kid only, amiright?}, post a status on Facebook about, and take pictures of…”He took his first step” “First lost tooth!” or “She slept through the night!” And they definitely deserve to be celebrated. But so do some of others…maybe not as social media worthy; but one day you wake up and realize, “Holy moly, my kid can do THIS now.”

So today our Houston Moms Blog team celebrates those little things…that actually are fairly big things. Without further adieu, our super curated list of  “un-celebrated but still super worthy childhood milestones.”

Milestones You SHOULD Celebrate :: 

  • I can put a movie on for the kids and {gasp!}, take a nap!
  • My children now shower independently and do a decent job. Less questionable is now the state of our bathrooms but still…
  • Learning to ride a bike :: now my son can hang with all the kids on the cul-de-sac and I’m not constantly having to entertain him.
  • Two of my kids can now pack their own lunch. Alllll the praise hands. {I mean, I still have to “edit” it as Skittles and half a pb&j isn’t exactly kosher but we are getting there.}
  • My kiddo can make my coffee…just the way I like it. If that’s not a legit milestone, I don’t know what is.
  • We threw away all the sippy cups. 
  • The best.
  • Our TV programming is less cartoons and more “real” stuff. My kids love American Ninja Warrior, shows on the Food Network, etc. Game changer and my ears don’t bleed anymore hearing the Paw Patrol theme song.
  • They can get dressed and put on their darn shoes all by themselves. And most of the time, they actually match. Winning.
  • My oldest used the F-bomb correctly. I mean, I didn’t love that she cursed but she used it properly and in context. That has to be some sort of milestone, right?
  • My 2 1/2 year old recognizes when it’s naptime. Now, that doesn’t always means she is going to nap, but darn it, at least she knows what time it is!
  • My kids understand sarcasm. I cannot tell you the joy this brings me.
  • My 12 year old can now babysit his younger siblings. FREEDOM rings!
  • I can now give my child the occasional meal of junk food or hot dogs and not feel all sorts of mom-shame. 
  • My oldest can now use the stove and is the ramen noodle king!
  • They now appreciate the beauty of the world of Harry Potter. Amen.
  • My kids FINALLY understand the days of the week and totally get that Chick Fil A, is in fact, CLOSED on Sundays…and they don’t completely melt down.
  • When we finally could get rid of the $38 cans of ridiculous special formula and go straight to cold, regular milk. Can you say pay raise?
  • They are old enough {and strong enough} to grab the cereal and pour the milk into the bowl. Bam. Breakfast is served and I’m still in bed.
  • Our children now wake on their own and then immediately grab the baby from the crib and start getting her ready for breakfast AND change her diaper. What kind of sorcery is this? I don’t know but mama is in bed until 8:30am now.
  • Can we all just say that learning to wipe their own butts is HUGE? No more butt and underwear checks.
  • He can make toast. He will not starve.
  • I can shower and pee uninterrupted for the first time in years.
  • They no longer beg for that stupid hell on wheels car cart at the grocery store and they don’t melt down if the bakery is out of free cookies.
  • Bye, bye Buddy Bucks. Your machine was broken half of the time anyway.
  • I’m celebrating the wrong because it gave him the opportunity to reflect and realize and then apologize. It’s a wonderful thing when the kids do something that let’s you know you did something right.
  • My kids double check with me about the contents of my cup before drinking it. “Is this just water?”. 
  • They can get into the car seat themselves and it’s no longer a wrestling match in 100 degree heat. 
  • We can get off schedule, stay up late, and sleep in. Glory.

So, what say you? What are your “un-celebrated but celebration-worthy” childhood milestones?

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