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I have 2 girls, one of which is the most girly three year old you’ve ever known {most days she wears 2 headbands, a bow, a necklace, 5 bracelets, a ring, a purse, a tutu, a leotard, AND a baby on her hip}. My baby is bald and three year old has a short curly fro, so we do a lot of accessorizing around here! All that to say, you can feel comfortable trusting me on the topic of hair bows.

Just a few days ago, this package arrived on our doorstep from The Hair Bow Company, and you can only imagine my three year old’s delight.

And yes, they do this for most of their shipments!
And yes, they are known for drawing on the box for some of their shipments!

Karis {the three year old} lost. her. mind!  And could not pull things out of the box fast enough to put them on with her sissy!

Thank You to the Hair Bow Company.jpg

I’ll be honest, I was pretty sure I loved The Hair Bow Company before I even received the package. Their founder started the company after having a girl herself and experienced bow gouging {and you thought it was just gas!}. They feel like every mom should be able to get bows and other accessories at wholesale price. {Love the mama tribe – in silly things and serious, we help each other out!}

Even knowing that, I was a little nervous about agreeing to write this review before seeing the products. I’m quite picky. Don’t get me wrong – I’m all for a good deal, but not at the expense of quality. So when I heard about The Hair Bow Company and that their prices are at wholesale level, I was nervous. I feared that the products might not be up to par. But my nerves were quickly relieved upon opening that adorable box.

I was squealing right along side my three year old as we pulled out tutus, baby legs, baby shoes, headbands and bows galore!

Some of my favorite features about the products ::

  • Child Friendly Textures – From the tulle tutus, baby legs, headbands, and baby shoes, I was amazed at how soft everything feels. The headbands didn’t even leave a mark on my 98th percentile nine month old’s head!

The Hair Bow Company Petticoat

  • Vibrant Colors – We are all about color in our house, and the colors are bright and fun. They do have many pastels too, but even those are sharp and not faded. Usually colors are so muted because of the poor quality. Not so here!

Hair Bow Company Older Girl

The Hair Bow Company Lace Bloomer

  • Holiday Styles – Looking for an adorable Halloween costume?  Planning the perfect outfit for Christmas card pictures?  The Hair Bow Company stays on top of all of the latest holidays and fashions, and they are sure to have just what you are looking for.

Hair Bow Company Halloween

  • Speedy Shipping – Because this fabulous business is based right down the road out of Pearland, all of your orders are sure to be at your door super fast!  Which is great because I really hate waiting, don’t you?
  • PLUS, they just seem like a fun company! Did you see the box they sent? And have you read their website and social media pages?  Once you do, you will want to be BFFs for sure.

Oh, and all Houston Moms Blog readers will receive 10% off their orders starting today by using the promo code HMB10 at check out.

{Offer expires 10/18.}

So if you haven’t already, head on over to The Hair Bow Company and enjoy budget approved accessorizing!  And be sure to follow The Hair Bow Company on social media to stay in the loop for seasonal products, new products, and discounts too :: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Pinterest.

[hr] Please Note :: This may be a sponsored post, but as you can tell by my extreme enthusiasm – all thoughts and opinions are proudly my own.

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